Thursday, 5 May 2011

What's The Point In Small Press Superheroes? the title of a panel at the Bristol Small Press Expo that will feature the mighty line-up of Pulsatin' Paul Grist (Jack Staff), Groovy Graham Pearce (Sgt Mike Battle), Disco Daniel Clifford (Sugar Glider) and Mangled Matthew Craig (Trouble Bruin, Trixie Biker, Bostin Heroes) - gorgeous and profession-style moderation will be provided by SPBM's own Low-Flying Stacey Whittle

From the event's Facebook page...

With superhero comics dominating the mainstream for the last 50 years and countless superhero titles published every month, why would a small press creator spend their own time and money producing more stories in this genre?

Former small press and current Image Comics creator, Paul Grist (The Weird World of Jack Staff), is joined by Graham Pearce (Sgt Mike Battle), Matthew Craig (Trixie Biker) and Daniel Clifford (Sugar Glider) to discuss whether or not they’re adding to an already flooded market or providing an interesting alternative.

The panel will be held on Saturday 14th May at the Mercure Hotel from 1-2pm. A full list of all the events at the Small Press Expo as well as booking info can be found HERE

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