Monday, 23 May 2011

News Bites 10!

You want the news?? You can't handle the news!! Oh go on then....


ITEM! Jovial Jamie Smart will be signing at the MCM Expo next weekend and will be giving away free stuff to the first five people in the queue who bring along a copy of Find Chaffy to get signed! Also if you buy any of his T-shirts or toys from TopatoCo you get a free comic!

ITEM! Disco Daniel Clifford has written a piece for the Forbidden Planet International blog about the superb What Is The Point In Small press Superheroes? panel at Bristol. Also he is now selling his Sugar Glider badge & sticker sets online.

ITEM! More Bristol panel awesomeness for those who weren't there to enjoy: Fab podcast Comic Book Outsiders is hosting a recording of "The Task Of Blood: Creating Slaughterman's Creed"  - bloody marvellous stuff!

ITEM! Speaking of which Speedy Stephen Downey is currently selling brilliant original artwork from Cancertown, Slaughterman's Creed and Torchwood. If you're interested contact him via email or via his Twitter

ITEM! Awesome Andy Bloor is also selling his amazing original art from his The Wolfmen, Fall Of The Wolfmen and his numerous Accent UK anthology short stories. Contact him via his EmailFacebook or Twitter 

ITEM! Corky Corey Brotherson and Sergio Calvet's Magic Of Myths is now available to buy in Birmingham's Nostalgia & Comics as well as online

ITEM! Yippee Jennie Gyllblad has posted a brilliant doodleblog of her Bristol Expo experience HERE. The energy bunny of comics also has a new Facebook page which you can find HERE.

ITEM! Laudable Laura Sneddon's excellent series of online articles Women In Comics continues with Part 5: Red Sonja & Power Girl: A New Hope

ITEM! The beautiful cover of Thought Bubble #1 - the new anthology for the Leeds Sequential Art Festival - all proceeds will go to Barnardos.

ITEM! You can read Issue 0 of STRIP magazine online free HERE!

ITEM!  The theme of this years's Caption convention is Austerity. Caption is the longest running comic convention in the UK, celebrates small press and indie press comics and is on the 6th-7th August at the East Oxford Community Centre. More info in Down The Tubes write-up HERE

ITEM! The Christchurch Kid's Blog has posted a superb breakdown of the creative process behind Glarin' Garen Ewing's sublime Rainbow Orchid - check it out HERE.

ITEM! SPBM was saddened to learn of the death of incredible fantasy and comics artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones last week (18th May 2011). The best tribute I can think of is to simply link you to her comics, paintings and artwork.

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