Thursday, 20 October 2011

Episode 34 is out!

Welcome to Episode 34 of Small Press Big Mouth, with tons of news and a veritable shitload of reviews! We talk Villainous, Bearmaggedon, Emily Carroll's Margot's Room, Unbelievable, Dark Judgement 2, Rachel Rising #2, Big Bang #2, Transient, Dr WTF?! and ZOOAD. Man, reviews are packed like a can of sardines in here like (though I think that smell is Lee!) Enjoy people and keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep reading (comics)!
Direct Download: Episode 34


Judge Lee - He Drinks Tea

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

News Bites 19


ITEM! Hallowscream horror comic crowdfunding for printing costs to produce hardcopies - check it out their fundraising page here HERE

ITEM! Lookit this David Wynne art! Gasp in awe as Judge Dredd, Hellboy, Alien, Predator and Jack Staff rock out with their cocks out* HERE! Soon to be available as a postcard set.

*does not actually contain exposed poultry.

ITEM! SF author Robert Rankin is 20+ pages into his steampunk webcomic Empires There's a cool write-up of it on the FPI blog HERE

ITEM! Part 3 of Zombies Hi is out now!! To make sure you secure yourself a first edition head on over to their online shop by clicking the link HERE

ITEM! Read a preview of Paul Grist's superb-looking new series, Mudmanat Bleeding Cool

ITEM! Colleen Doran says When I reach 2000 Twitter followers, ONE of you (can be ANYone) wins a $300 gift of original art and signed books! 50 of you get a signed comic! Check out her brilliant comic A Distant Soil

ITEM! Congratulations to INJ Culbard on his 'Graphic Novel of the Year' Award for his adaptation of At The Mountains Of Madness. Read his awards speech and win a sketched copy HERE

ITEM! HERE is the cover to N Gingerboom's Those of No Class concept book  and HERE is a blog post walking you through N's art process.

ITEM! An Introduction to Comic Studies, a new series of articles by Laura Sneddon for Comic Book Resources. And here's her Full and Uncut Interview with Grant Morrison covering Supergods, Action Comics, women at DC, magic and more.

ITEM! Brian Bolland now has a blog. Check it out HERE

ITEM! London Small Press Expo cancelled - announcement HERE

ITEM! Blank Slate Comics' Dinopopolous is now available for pre-order. Click HERE for details and a preview. 

ITEM! Have you seen Francesco Francavilla's Doctor Who Season 6 fan posters? They're terrific and you can see them all together HERE. Also check out his website HERE 

ITEM!  Jennie Gyllblad's beautiful prologue to Skal - completely re-drawn and repainted after the online version is available for pre-order. There's a limited run of 100 available at £10 each and that includes a unique personalised sketch. Click  HERE for details.

ITEM! Al Ewing's Rise Of Nightmares tie-in comic is available for download HERE

ITEM! The pencils for Graeme Howard's Cancertown 2 cover has been revealed!

ITEM!  Scare Tactics - the first webcomic published via Twitter has started - you can follow it  HERE!

ITEM! Check out THIS fantastic pinup by ace Fall Of The Wolfmen artist Andy Bloor did for the Z Girl comic. Colours by the awesome Steve Howard Issue 2 debuts at New York ComiCon.

ITEM!  PJ Holden has been a blogging maniac lately, with loads of fascinating blogs and numerous subjects. Loads of tips for artists, f'rinstance check this one about techniques for adding splatter to your art HERE

ITEM!  Dean Stahl's Headlocks & Headaches Primer available at Comics MonkeyIndy Planet (print & digital)

ITEM! Check out this brilliant complete 23-page webcomic by Dylan MeconisOutfoxed

ITEM! 5-page previews of all the Unseen Shadow's spin-off comics are available to read on the Unseen Shadows facebook page! Not a duff-looking one in the bunch!