Friday, 28 September 2012

News Bites 21

Listen up, people! I want this to go smooth and by the numbers. I want SPBM database and news assimilation by 0830. Now shag it, people. Assholes and elbows! 


ITEM! SPBM favourite Faith Erin Hicks' new graphic novel  Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is being serialised online and has just launched with an opening 20-page chapter. NCPGW is an adaptation of Prudence Shen's novel of highschool warfare and like Hicks' previous book Friends With Boys this will be serialised completely online for free before the print edition is published by First Second books. Check, as the kids say, it out: HERE

ITEM! Wanna see something awesome? How about new Unseen Shadows - Tales Of The Forgotten covers HERE including this one (right) by sensational Cancertown 2 colourist Pete Mason. Also check out the new Unseen Art gallery HERE

ITEM! Comedy Genius  Jamie Smart has been posting up a new series of single-panel cartoons - My Tiny Black Heart. Brilliant and hilarious stuff as you would expect from the creator of Whubble and BearHave your tickle bone funnied right HERE

ITEM! Just when you thought it was safe to scream in space Lou Scannon #4 is out and available to buy nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnow! "Where from?" I hear you plead pitifully as I sneer at you with contempt and scratch my scrotum. You know, that bit underneath that gets twisted up in your underwear and you just have to go for. "Looky HERE, bitches." I reply, like a tumescent badger at Christmas.

ITEM! Comicsmaking machine Valia Kapadai's Stinky Sketchbook (so named because the sketches were done in a toilet corridor during her breaks at work - the art itself is far from stinky) is available to buy.  It also comes with an original stinky sketch on a piece of toilet paper all for a mere £6. Buy it from her brand new online shop HERE

ITEM! Halcyon & Tenderfoot #3 launches tomorrow (Saturday 29th September) at Newcastle City Library with a day of workshops, signing sessions and a comic book quiz. You can buy and/or subscribe to H&C (not to be confused with H&E) right HERE.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Episode 36: SPBM LIVE!

For completest's sake here's a blog post with all the links and shiz for SPBM Ep36 aka SPBM LIVE! what we done did aaaaall the way back on 18th February 2012.

Hello and welcome to SPBM LIVE!, a special episode originally broadcast a few weeks ago as part of the Geek News Radio live marathon podcasting event. Listen now as Stace struggles with technology, Lee wrestles with flatulence and they're both bombarded with rude texts while attempting to deliver the usual hyper-professional collection of news and reviews. Comics discussed include Halcyon & Tenderfoot, Fetishman, Peter Panzerfaust, Slab comics, The Phoenix Comic and Spleenal.

Listen online here: EPISODE 36 - SPBM LIVE!