Friday, 6 May 2011

The Making of SPBM part I

Now here's an exciting treat for you faithful SPBMers* out there, a wee peek behind the scenes into the preparations that makes Small Press Big Mouth the well-oiled, professional, SFX Award nominated  podcasting machine that has become the envy of other podcasters and broadcasters the world over. So envious of SPBM are they that they will deny knowledge of ever having heard of it. Why only 5 minutes ago I imagined asking entertainment legend and not-doddery Strictly Come Dancing host Bruce Forsyth what he thought of SPBM... "I ain't never heard of it innit" I heard him reply in my head. That double negative led to proof positive** that whatever it was I was saying a minute ago is true. I'm not sure what my point was to be honest... I've had three Sherbet Fountains and a can of Vimto in the last 20 minutes and I'm feeling a bit dizzy not to mention foamy....

Oh YES! Behind the scenes of SPBM - well for this initial instalment we give you a rare glimpse into the workings of the brains of the hosts of Small Press Big Mouth in the shape and form of their notes for the soon to be recorded Episode 31.

Exhibit 1
See here the rounded writing of Lee, carefully delineated with a chunky marker, tongue stuck out and left arm curled protectively around the page to prevent copiers. See the confidence with which he states his own name and the pride in the way he writes "we comics"

This clearly indicating a warm, sensitive and caring soul, a magnificent and generous lover, a man of astonishing humour, intellect and talent - yet who is also unbelievably still single, ladies *wink* 

Exhibit B
Now, in counterpoint here are Stacey's notes - see how similar the contents are? Surely an indicator of how in tune the two friends are. See also the passion with which Stace declares that comics "is gorrrgeous". Skipping over the scandalous and slanderous accusation that 'Lee stinks'*** we see her aide memoire to "Do addresses" a very important part of her duties. But look, what treats! We have two beautiful examples of Stace's artistry - on the left another exquisite caricature of Lee, inexplicably expressed again as a cute bunny rabbit and on the right a... er... jeez, i dunno... what is that? Admiral Ackbar or summat?

So there's you go you happy bunch of SPBMers*, I hope you've enjoyed this tiny peek at the magic that goes on behind the curtain. Until next time... keep SPBMing!

(*pronounced "spbummers" regrettably)
(**SPBM loves Clue)
(***I do not stink, smell my armpit, go on smell it. Smell it!) 

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  1. So THAT'S how it's done! It's technology that I could never understand - but keep up the good work! :)