Thursday, 5 May 2011

Matthew Craig's NEW STREET TALES needs artists!

We at SPBM mansions love the work of Matthew Craig (Hondle, Trouble Bruin, Bostin Heroes, Tryhard & Tearaway), we love anthologies and we also love it when we can give creators a platform to pitch and recruit for new projects. So we're very happy to hear about Matthew's latest comic, but we'll let him tell you about that. take it away, Russ...

For ten years, I have been writing about haunted robots, intrepid dogs and GoGo PIxies. I have created undead hoodies, bottle-blonde comedians, and an Evil Robbie Williams. My stories have ranged from one corner of this nation to the other, but they always seem to come back to the same old place.
When I began making comics, I took great inspiration from the regeneration of Birmingham. What once was a concrete linguini of diesel fumes and subways has become a shining jewel in the heart of Britain: a city of science-fiction architecture and rich culture.
And superheroes! For the last five years, many of my most popular titles have revolved around the daring deeds of mighty Midlanders, from the bittersweet family drama TROUBLE BRUIN to the knockabout fun of BOSTIN HEROES.
It is for this reason that I would like to commemorate the arrival of a new Birmingham comic show with a celebration of Brummie heroism, both real and imagined.

Artists wanted for 8-10pg stories of Brummie heroism. Real-life, superhuman and historical/mythological tales of bravery in and around the Second City. All styles welcome. All stories written by Matthew Craig. The finished book will be an A5 B&W anthology (max 64 pgs) with colour cover, printed in time for the 2011 BC comic show at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham, on August 27th. Final deadline for artwork 1st August.
There will be no payment for this anthology, but all costs for the initial print run will be met by the writer. After the debut show, a number of copies will be provided for each artist to sell at their leisure.

Matthew wants to make clear that although the anthology will be Midlands-based he's not just looking for local talent. Matt is also looking for artists to collaborate with him on submissions to The Phoenix Comic and Strip Magazine so if you want to get in touch about any of the about you can email him HERE

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