Monday, 16 May 2011

Big Bristol Blogarama!


This weekend just gone was the annual Bristol International Comics & Small Press Expo. This blog was originally written and was supposed to have been posted on Thursday last week but unfortunately Blogger went down for two days for maintenance which somehow deleted the two blogs I'd already posted (the Mike Battle one and the Spandex one) and blocked this one from going online. Apologies to all the creators below who I bugged all week for info on what they were bringing to BICSPE and, while the original point of this blog is now invalid I strongly recommend everyone click all the links below and buy the comics and merchandise from their respective online shops and have a little Small Press Comics Festival of your own!


Jennie Gyllblad - will hopefully have copies of her first minicomic (which she is assembling as we speak) I've had a sneak peek and its fab! I'll be taking commissions and promoting Bayou Arcana (And Skal) I'll be sharing a table with Corey Brotherson on the Saturday where I'll have my portfolio for people to flick through if they want. Will also have business cards that people can pick up.

Bevis Musson - Dead Queen Detectives 1 & 2. Still got a few copies of Finland, Finland, Finland too which raise money for charity. Plus more than happy to do drawing for money too (or booze. Or food. All are good).

'Disco' Daniel Clifford  - A range of all-ages comics. Lily and Danel is especially good for under 10s. A4 Comics presents... is esp good for 10-14. And Sugar Glider books are great for 14 up. Badges on sale too and free stickers for people taking advantage of combo deals. Plus, panel!

Martin Eden will be premièring Spandex #4 as well as selling the previous 3 issues and other goodies. 

David Wynne - I will have the usual- Particle Fiction v1, Damnation, and selling sketches. But I will have my incredibly handsome face to show off.

Valia Kapadai - will be bringing her anthologies tw1sted vision and 100% Squishy

Andy Bloor - I'm leaving copies of some Accent UK books (Wolfmen 1 & 2, Man Of Glass, Whatever happened To The World's Fastest Man) with the kind 'West' guys... if you want anything find it there.

NicWilkinson - Will have Slaughterman's Creed and a small number of Fallen Heroes #1 on the Slaughterman's Creed Table (46, Mercure) as well as all sorts of fun including face painting

Joseph Glass and PJ Montgomery - will be selling our Stiffs/The Pride preview comic again. &

Matthew Craig will have a selection of his comics (we recommend Hondle & Trouble Bruin and being very gentle if you shake his hand)

Time Bomb Comics - will have a wide selection of their comics plus showing off the awesome looking Dick Turpin art

Graham Pearce - will be premièring Sgt Mike Battle #16 as well as selling back issues and the Collected Edition v1

Ben Clark - I've got a new comic out for Bristol, if you haven't finished your blog yet! It's called Funny Onion, and it's sort of a vegetable murder mystery. And I've got postcards of a Spine Chillers special set at the con.

PJ Holden - I won't be selling prints. But WILL be selling original art - Dredd & Numbercruncher - ask me if theres something you'd like!


~Post Script~

We'll be doing a full con review in the next episode of SPBM but I just want to say I had an ace time and it was brilliant to meet so many lovely, passionate, friendly comics people. Thank you to everyone who said hello and said such lovely things about our podcast. it was amazing! Oh and one more thing, drop us a line if you went to BICSPE and tell us what you thought - did you have fun?

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