Thursday, 24 May 2012

See 'em at MCM

Hot on the four-colour booted heels of Bristol Comics Expo, CamCon and Kapow we have this upcoming weekend the MCM Expo London - if any of you faithful SPBMers are tootling along here are a few lovely comics to look out for...


En Gingerboom ‏will be launching the gorgeous print edition of their fab webcomic What is it Katy? which I pre-ordered and I can't wait to get my sweating sausage fingers on!

Sally Jane Thompson unfortunately didn't have her latest comic Now And Then back from the printer in time for Kapow so you can nab yourself a squeaky fresh copy from Sally herself at table G11 in artist alley or order it from her online shop. I had a copy through the post today and it is goooooorgeous!

Ben Mitchell ‏tweeted us on twitter to say "Well I'll be doing a London launch (after a sort of trial-run pre-launch in Bristol the other week) of Throat" which looks a terrific book - check out the 40 page preview HERE

"Gorgeous" George Beedham  says "I'll be there and unveiling Mighty Jambo Volume 1 to boot!" So track him down and make him unveil it to you too!

***** UPDATE! *****

Stephen Downey will be at the Atomic Diner stand, sketching and launching Black Scorpion!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Malta Comic Convention dates announced

Here's one for the you international jet-setting SPBMers out there...


The Past:

Malta Comic Con 2011 – Biggest Attendance Yet!

Wicked Comics are proud to announce that the third edition of the Malta Comic Convention (MCC) which was held on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November 2011 was the biggest one to date, both in terms of number of exhibitors and attendance.

Malta Comic Con 2011 – Largest Number of Exhibitors Yet!

An impressive roster of 19 foreign creators exhibited during the MCC 2011 which almost tripled the number of foreign creators who participated in 2010. Complimenting the foreign contingent were a further 29 exciting local creators to amount for a whopping total of 48 creators which all made St. James Cavalier buzz with creative vibes and positive energy.

Malta Comic Con 2011 – Foreign Comic Books Launched in Malta - Record Sales!

The MCC 2011 also marked the world’s premiere of Tim Perkins’ all ages comic book Worlds End - Volume 1 - Riders of the Storm, which almost completely sold out during its launch. Similarly, Steve Tanner of Time Bomb Comics reported impressive sales for all comics sold, including Dick Turpin and the Crimson Plague which was internationally launched during the MCC 2011. The rest of the foreign creators also commented positively about their sales during the MCC, while Sean Azzopardi, Jon Haward, Emma Vieceli and Kate Brown impressively sold out all their books.

Malta Comic Con 2010/11 – Maltese Comics Galore!

MCC 2010 saw the launch of a new wave of locally produced comics including issue 0 of For Gallantry, issue 1 of Hal Mudlam and The Tsar, Volume 1 of Arcana Crusade and The Golden Lizard; the first graphic novel in Malta. These were followed up in MCC 2011 by more local releases which consisted of issue 1 of For Gallantry, issue 2 of Hal Mudlam, Volumes 1 and 2 of Apocalypse Rocked, the first instalment of Role Playing Guide Book, Soulcakes, the latest instalments of the running series Kranium and il-Gawgaw u l-Imlejka, the release of the one-shot Muna fil-Palazz ta' Bedud, issue 1 of Piju s-Surgent and Pilot the first comic book anthology published in Malta. These were exceptionally well received and their sales further confirm that the comic culture in Malta is thriving.

The Present:

Lucio Parillo
Wicked Comics Donate €900 to Charity!

During the Malta Comic Con 2011, Italian creator and guest Lucio Parillo worked on a live painting of the Hulk. Wicked Comics later sold the painting on E-bay for a whopping €1,000 all of which (bar shipping expenses) were on Saturday 21st April 2012 donated to the Ursuline Sisters in Sliema. We hope that this contribution will help the sisters to continue their excellent work in running the orphanage. 

The Ursuline Sisters

Wicked Comics at The Avengers Premiere!
On Thursday 26th April, 2012 Wicked Comics in collaboration with Science is Culture held a stand at Eden Cinemas selling comic books and raising awareness on both the comic culture in general and the Maltese Comic Convention.

Wicked Comics Forum Launched!

Wicked comics have also just launched the official forum where Comics, Books, TV Series, Movies, Collectibles, Video Games, Table Top Games, Role Playing Games and much more can be discussed. The forum also offers a platform for fans to voice their opinions with regards to future Comic Convention held in Malta.

The Future:

Malta Comic Con 2012 – Dates Announced!

Wicked Comics would also like to announce that this year’s Malta Comic Convention (the fourth edition) will take place on Saturday 8th December and Sunday 9th December 2012. Fans can expect another impressive roster of foreign creators, more locally created comics, cosplay events and competitions, gaming events and competitions, movies and animations showing during the whole duration of the convention and a healthy number of talks, workshops and discussion panels. For the first time ever, MCC 2012 will also host leading German cosplayer and winner of several international cosplaying awards Calssara. More details will be announced shortly.

Bristols Out All Over

Well doesn't time fly - its been over a week since Bristol Comics Expo 2012 already and just in the nick of too-flipping-late here's my post-Bristol review blog.  

Before I get onto my own experience of the weekend I must quickly say what a strange aftermath there's been to the con this year. Quite a few very negative reactions have been buzzing around which is weird to hear when you've had a great time yourself. Some of the criticisms seem very fair - a lack of signage*, absence of a programme**, poor promotion of the event locally*** and hard to track down staff are hard to defend against, but hopefully this feedback will be taken on-board for next year. 

* I did my traditional thing of queueing all by myself at the wrong entrance thinking "Sweet! I'm first in line!" only to get a text after 15 minutes to inform me of the massive long queue at the actual entrance. I also wonder how many first time attendees didn't even realise there was a whole other section to the event at the Ramada hotel, or how to get there even if they did know?

** I'm used to this now so I print off my own before I go, which I'm so used to I barely realise how ridiculous it is. 

*** I had to email the organisers personally to find out if there was entry allowed on the door this year. There was, but how many people knew that? The Rail Shed location is perfect for walk-in punters so that was a real wasted opportunity.

pic courtesy of ECBT2000AD
Some of the criticisms have been bizarre however - blaming BCE for the lack of star guests due to the proliferation of other cons seems weird and criticising them for a lack of talent from 2000AD is just surreal given there was actually a whopping great huge 2000AD panel

Anyhoo, enough of this lets talk about me. For the first time I attended both Saturday & Sunday - a massive thank you to Sara Dunkerton and Alex Beedie for letting me crash their sofa - which was a good thing because even with a whole extra day I came home having completely failed to buy so many comics off my shopping list and failed to meet so many people I wanted to meet. Had I only been there for the one day I'd've probably came home in tears.

I didn't even get to do a proper circuit of the dealer room this year - the first row of tables I got to was Valia Kapadai, Pavlos Pavlidis, Nic Wilkinson, Cy Dethan, Jennie Gyllblad, Corey Brotherson and Barry Nugent all pretty much in a row, so by the time I'd said hello, hugged, swapped gifts, hugged some more, signed some comics (get me!) it was time to head off to the first panel of the day...

Okay this post is going on longer than I expected and I've barely started to lets have a brief intermission cos I'm gasping for a cuppa. Back in 5 yeah?

***************** INTERMISSION 1: TEA BREAK *******************

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows I go to cons for the panels, and this year as always BCE had a fine line-up to thrill your brain and numb your bum. The day got off to a relaxed start with the launch of Kronos City from Time Bomb Comics, followed swiftly by the DC/Vertigo panel which featured a much more interesting than usual amount of back-and-forth between the audience and panel (I'm especially looking at you Jenni Newman). 

A rushed lunch with Serena Obhrai and then a dash back to the Ramada for the White Knuckle launch (part of the excellent Markosia & Friends showcase). Any panel with Cy Dethan is going to be good and this was no exception aided an abetted as he was by Valia Kapadai. What we learned from this panel - apart from the fact that WK is a must buy (we already knew that) was that if you want to guarantee being published by Markosia get Cy to pitch your book and Valia to draw it.

Next up was the Hypergirl & Hero 9 To 5 panel with Ian "Shaman" Sharman and Yel "Looks a bit like Veronica Mars" Zamor. The thinking behind both books - one reacting against modern superhero comics clichés and the other parodying them - was fascinating and Hypergirl in particular was in my To Buy list and still is unfortunately due to a rubbish shopping regime on my behalf. I'll get it though don't worry.

The Clockwork Watch panel was another corker - fascinating stuff from creator Yomi Ayeni and writer Corey Brotherson particularly in regard to the scope and multimedia aspect of the Clockwork Watch project but special mention to panel virgin Jennie Gyllblad who was just as funny and enthusiastic as she is in person.

pic courtesy of Caz Bennett
The final panel of the day was the epic Bayou Arcana launch featuring a cast of thousands (almost) which was a highlight of the weekend - not least because so many of my friends were involved in the book, and not just because I got a shout-out from Jimmy Pearson and a wee round of applause which actually made me blush. (The shout-out was for Stace too, but she wasn't there so sod her I say) 

Saturday concluded with beer and hugs with the lovely Dani Abram (who was giving away free previews of her brilliant-looking Razarhawk comic) and Kerry Dyer (who was there to add some class to proceedings); pizza, chips and The Rocketeer at Chez Dunkerton; and an early night.

Okay that cuppa's gone right through me so...

***************** INTERMISSION 2: WEE BREAK *******************

Hang on in there I'm nearly done, promise. Sunday kicked off with the Anthologies panel which was unexpectedly chocker with good advice on how to pitch and break into comics and the pitfalls to avoid (Note: no submitted scripts in screenplay format, capiche?) The following Tribute To Moebius panel was beautiful and inspirational stuff so hats off to Cheryl Morgan, Al Davison and Tim Maughan

I then made a break from the panel room in order to get at least some shopping done, have a lovely quick chat with Garen Ewing and have a crack at pitching a graphic novel alongside my yankee partner in crime Luke Foster. Pitching was nerve-wracking but provisionally fruitful so more on that at a later date with a bit of luck.

The penultimate panel of the weekend was another highlight - Strip For Action featured Mike Conroy in conversation with legendary artists John M Burns (George & Lynn, Jane, Nikolai Dante) and Sydney Jordan (Jeff Hawke). This was an absolute treasure trove of anecdotes from the two veterans of comics and one you wish had been recorded for posterity.

Finally, going from veterans to newbies, there was the Ones Two Watch panel in which David Hine chatted with Shaky Kane, Neil Gibson and Warwick J Cadwell which ended the con on a good few laughs. By this point though my arse was threatening to climb up my body and beat by head to death so it was off to the pub for a quiet drink in good company on comfy seats before heading off for my train home and my single photo of the weekend.

Buh-bye, Bristol xx

Huge thanks to everyone I met over the weekend and sincere apologies to everyone I didn't. Hope to catch you next year!

You can read Stace's much much much more concise con report at the SFX website HERE  

Episode 38 online! Bristol interview special

Welcome to Episode 38 of Small Press Big Mouth, this is the Lee Free episode so I have to apologise for the lack of farting/fart jokes.

This is two interviews recorded by Stace at Bristol Expo 2012, with two brand new indie publishers – Disconnected Press and Improper Books. I hope you enjoy it and next episode will be back to normality or as close as we can manage!

Direct Download: Episode 38

The Improper Books crew. Photo courtesy of Laura Trinder.
Lizzie Boyle of Disconnected Press.
Photo courtesy of Conor Boyle (seated, invisible, naked)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Kerplunk your kerpennies down at KAPOW!

Its Kapow Con this coming weekend and if you're going here's a bunch of sweet treats to keep yer peepers peeled for...


Accent UK will be launching 2ombies and WesterNoir and anyone who buys a copy of WesterNoir stands a chance of winning this beauty:

Overload #1 - the new b/w anthology title we blogged about yesterday - launches with the Maggie Thatcher zombie story/cover:

Sally Jane Thompson says‏ "I'm waiting on new books and it sounds like printer is having delays, so who knows. But I'll have From, Candy Bag and new prints and will bring a dummy copy of the new one for people to check out. It's called Now and Then - a standalone mini about the nature of the past." Eyes left for a (possibly exclusive) peek at the beautiful cover to Now And Then

Colin Bell's webcomic Jonbot Vs Martha has a FREE microcomic up for grabs! Stall 23!

 Gordon McLean will be there with No More Heroes 

...and John Lees will be selling The Standard  (his comic not the newspaper presumably)

Si Gurr says "Cosmic Hobo & I will be selling new comic The Scarifyers #1, info HERE & HERE"

Stephen Downey ‏will have Jennifer Wilde #2 AND the debut of Black Scorpion. You can pre-order a sketch for £10 too via twitter or email.

Howard Hardiman ‏says "Oh, blimey! New The Lengths, New Peckham Invalids... I'll also have Badger's Diary and heaps of stuff. BUSY DAYS!"

Jimmy Pearson will be launching The Reckoning and have copies of Bayou Arcana as well as a few copies of Lamda by me, Pavlos Pavlidis & Valia Kapadai.

Robert Carey says "I am part of a group of creators launching a book called Lightning Strike. Proud to have contributions from Vicky Stonebridge , Richmond Clements and many others. Info HERE."

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Zombified Thatcher at Kapow!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but check out this metric kiloton of nectrotised eyegasm...

...and then read the actual words underneath...



New indie British comics anthology kicks off with Maggie Thatcher at the helm.

She shut the coal mines, privatised every major public utility in the UK, introduced the poll tax, pre-empted the banking crisis and stole the milk from our childrens’ mouths – and now she’s back from the dead to re-take her rightful place as the leader of the country from the weak-minded ConDem coalition.

That’s right: Maggie Thatcher is back – and this time, she’s a zombie.

Be afraid – Tory politics never looked so scary.

Launching at Kapow! Comic Convention at the London Business Design Centre in Islington on Saturday 19 May is the new black and white comics anthology OVERLOAD from The Copydesk Ltd.

Martin Conaghan, editor of OVERLOAD, will be holding a portfolio review session at table 34 at Kapow! on Saturday 19 May at 13:00BST and again on Sunday 20 May (also at table 34) at 13:00BST for potential OVERLOAD contributors. Writers and artists are welcome.

Issue #1 of OVERLOAD features a stunning cover by Graeme Neil Reid (2000AD, Judge Dredd Megazine, The Beano) depicting the Iron Lady in all her zombified glory, attacking the good people of London – taken from the inaugural issue’s headline story ‘Primus Inter Pares’ (“First Among Equals”) – which sees the UK overcome by the dead returning from the grave and former prime ministers attempting to re-take 10 Downing Street. Written by Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd, Doctor Who, Dept of Monsterology) and Emma Beeby with art by newcomer Eoin Coveney, it’s a ‘biting’ satire on the country’s current political decline at the hands of the Conservative/Liberal Democrat alliance.

Rennie and Beeby issued the following statement:

"The Prime Minister must be aware of the fear sweeping the nation about the coming zombie apocalypse. Will he now release HM Government's plans to deal with this matter? This comic is a call to action. The people need to know the truth; need reassured that they have thought of every eventuality. No matter how terrifying. We hope Overload's readers will follow suit, and email their MP to ask what they intend we do when the dead rise. We all know it's going to happen."

Also featured in issue #1 is ‘Comfort’ written by Dave Cook and Gary Crutchely (2000AD), a short story about the things in life we turn to when the chips are down.

Staring Into The Eye Of A Blackbird, You Can See The Things He Likes And The Things He Doesn’t’, written by Martin Hayes with art by Graeme Howard depicts the tale of a lonely young man whose existence disturbed by dreams of a mysterious blackbird that watches his every move...

Omen’, written by Geoffrey D. Wessel (Keeper) with art by Steve Penfold (Fallen Heroes)the right-wing media agenda while an alien invasion takes place…

Cy Dethan (Cancertown) scripts ‘Open Source’ with art by Aaron Moran in a story about protect something precious by keeping it hidden in plain sight…

While writer Matt Gibbs and James Reekie (The Ballad of Frank Satre) deliver the haunting ‘Otherworld Sailor’ – a tale about ancient religion and a shocking visitation.

OVERLOAD is intended to be a regular black and white anthology title showcasing the work of established talent, while introducing some new creators to the comics industry. All material is creator-owned, with Overload reserving first reprint rights and some digital publishing rights. All deals are non-exclusive. We do not accept completed stories which have not been pre-approved. We do accept unsolicited idea submissions, but not unsolicited scripts. Submissions are by invite-only. For more information, send an email to: You can view a sampler of Overload #1 here:

Almighties Amass!

We absolutely love a bit of cape & tights action here at the SPBM mansion, but you don't want to hear about our special 'parties' you want to hear about comics, right? Well here's one that looks very fun and vaguely familiar.  Tell you what, you have a read of this press release while I don my domino mask and nonchalantly swing my enormous hammer...


Just in time for THAT movie - Almighties Amass!

The enigmatic White Out has put together a dysfunctional bunch of heroes to take down ‘threats to America’ - sending them on missions that have comedic nods to all the big Marvel events of recent years – from Civil War to Fear Itself. But these aren’t your momma’s super-heroes and things aren't quite as they seem…

The Almighties brings together creations from myself and co-scripter Mike Gagnon,” says the comic’s other writer Sam Johnson (creator of Geek-Girl and Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman). “But while that other super-team were the best that could be assembled, brought together to take on threats that no single hero could withstand – things are a bit more…offbeat here.” Johnson continues, “The guy that hires them - White Out – is a little wacky, aided as he is by a lobotomised butler with a tray of Pimm’s – and he has a personal agenda. So there are factors at play in whom he’s amassed that don’t necessarily make for the most heroic of super-teams. For example, one of them – Nite Fang – whom Johnson & Gagnon bill as ‘our Hulk’ - is a cocky British punk/werewolf who’s here purely for the pay check; another - Mason - is a borderline-psycho merc, and another - Stefanos – billed as ‘our Wolverine’ - is seemingly just a guy that runs a kebab shop - armed with his donor kebab on a skewer!

Not all members of the team are total misfits, though, Johnson and Gagnon bill their field leader - Maxi-Tron - and female member Ms. F - as ‘our Iron Man and Ms. Marvel.’ But like those heroes, these two are also flawed. Only more so.

Johnson fills us in: “Maxi has Tony Stark’s ego dialled up to 11 and is more self-centered than it’s healthy to be when your life and the lives of your team-mates are on the line, and Ms. F has just broken free of her oppressive marriage and has anger issues coming out of that. Anger issues she’s gonna take out on crime!”

“This comic has been created by a talented group of creators who are also big comic book fans,” adds co-scripter Mike Gagnon. “It’s all done in good natured humour, and with all the dark and serious stories being told in comic books, I think this book is important because it reminds people that comics can be fun.”

With the motley crew amassed, you can expect offbeat action, adventure, comedy, testicular cancer, Nazi Robots, and plenty more – all illustrated by hot team of up-and-coming artists Eleonora Kortsarz, Pablo Zambrano and D.C. White - in The Almighties #1; out now in regular and Limited Avengers movie poster-parody Variant editions; 32 pages, full color, rated Teen+, $3.99 - published by Actuality Press and available to purchase at where you can also check out free-to-read Almighties Origins!

page 1
page 2
page 3

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Reality ain't what it used to be...

It is with great pride I announce the imminent arrival of Λ aka Lamda a double dose of SF twistiness in the tradition of Rod Serling and Philip K Dick; stories in which the mundane lives of normal folk are unexpectedly flipped inside-down and upside-out and reality, sanity and identity are as illusory, deceptive and fragile as the rainbows that writhe in oily water. 

Written by me, Lee Grice, illustrated by the brilliant Pavlos Pavlidis (Unstrung!, Full Bloom) and coloured, lettered & designed by rising star Valia Kapadai (Tw1sted Vision, White Knuckle) Lamda is composed of two complete blackly humorous short stories...

If Frankenstein had stitched together a television set instead of a man it would look like the television Philip Pye found buried in a dark dusty corner of an old warehouse. A patchwork of parts that were electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and God knows what else, but the strangest thing about it was the way it received TV signals from the future. Signals from only one week in the future, but time enough for Philip to note down next week's winning lottery numbers. If only he has time to collect his winnings because now the TV is showing him something else, something unthinkable and apocalyptic...

You're sitting on a train platform on a beautiful Summer's day. You've thrown caution to the wind, bunked off work for the afternoon and when you get home you're going to sit in the garden in the sunshine with a cold drink and a good book and just enjoy life for once. But then men arrive. Men in biohazard suits who taser you, bundle you into a van and take to a dank featureless room God knows where. Then they tell you something that you know can't possibly be true. Its unbelieveable. Impossible. Insane. "You're not you," they say. "You're not even human..."

Lamda will appear as a special, 28-page, limited-to-50, signed & numbered edition at the Bristol Comics Expo and should be available to buy online thereafter while stocks last.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bristol Fitties!

This coming Saturday is the Bristol Comics Expo 2012 (Today is the final day too book online, but I've just heard that tickets will be available on the day on the door. Huzzah!) and here are some of the goodies we'll be looking out for this year...


Graham Pearce (now on Twitter) will have Sgt Mike Battle #17 on sale. "This issue features STAR-SPANGLED WARS and tells what happened when Sgt. Mike Battle became involved in a daring mission to rescue a beautiful Princess from a fortified military base which took place not to long ago in a country far, far away..."

...and here's a bonus bit of gorgeous promo art for you to google your eyeballs at. I'm sure Graham is referencing a film or something here, but it all a bit subtle for me. 

Bevis Musson has his Dead Queen Detectives Omnibus, 52 pages for £5. Collects #1 and #2 plus new stuff and unseen sketches.

Barry Nugent will at the expo selling copies of Fallen Heroes 1 & 2 and Tales Of The Fallen. He will also be doing portfolio reviews for Unseen Shadows.

Cy Dethan & Nic Wilkinson will have the eagerly awaited White Knuckle (art by Valia Kapadai) and all three creators will be appearing on the White Knuckle panel (Saturday 2pm part of the Markosia Showcase), and they will have a preview of Cancertown 2 on the table.

Also part of the Markosia Showcase is the Comixology Award winning Hypergirl by Dave "Mighty" Wynne and Ian "Shaman" Sharman - blasting from the pages of Particle Fiction and available as a limited edition hardcover.

...and Clockwork Watch from Yomi Ayeni (creator, writer, filmmaker) Jennie Gyllblad (artist ) Corey Brotherson (writer, editor). "This is Clockwork World, a place where Victorian values are coupledwith anachronistic technology, not least of which are the clockworkservants that keep this society ticking along. Set against this world, the Department for the Advancement of Sciences works on the newest ‘clock’ upgrades, whilst Her Majesty’s Clockwork Watch, a Gestapo-like organisation, monitors the clockwork servant population with a vigilance bordering on hostility."

Jimmy Pearson (also now on Twitter) will be there launching the now legendary horror portmanteau Bayou Arcana and...

...while you're there ask him about The Reckoning - illustrated by Patrick Walsh and sporting this evocative cover - that will be debuting at Kapow the week after Bristol.

"Disco" Daniel Clifford will be selling the wonderful Halcyon & Tenderfoot #1 as well as some new badges!

From Pavlos Pavlidis, Valia Kapadai and me (Lee Grice) is Lamda a double-story sci-fi twisterama anthology which I shall be shamelessly plugging later in the week.

Garen Ewing will be there selling, signing and sketching in Rainbow Orchid v3 - which we will be reviewing and probably gushing over, in an upcoming episode of the 'cast. 

As we blogged a few days ago Steve Tanner and Time Bomb Comics will be launching Kronos City... kids on the block Improper Books will have previews of Porcelain and Butterfly Gate...

...and "Dangerous" Dani Abram & "Evil" Ian Matthew's will be giving away previews of their upcoming Razarhawk!

The fine people at Inspired Comics have a couple that might tickle your fancy. Firstly there's Eat Me - "Sugary sweet bunnies, a deliciously grim detective tale, turf wars of fiendish butchers and food wars on national TV! Just some of the stories to be found in Eat Me! a food-themed anthology from Inspired Comics. Sit down and feed your brain with six original comics, from light snacks to juicy steaks, there’s something for every taste."

...and then there's Science Fiction Octuple Feature - "Eight Spectacular Science Fiction tales of all specifications! From far out to slice of life. Enjoy, relax, this book will take you to another world" Both are 56 Pgs for £3.00

...aaaand finally Dan Harris and the Lou Scannon boys will there "pimping ourselves like the whores we are" so if you fancy a reach-around while queueing up to get Denny O'Neil's autograph Dan and co will be there to relieve your boredom apparently. What an excellent service! I bet they'll even sell you a few of their brilliant comics while they're at it.

*** UPDATE! ***

Matthew Craig is looking for artists to collaborate with! He will be prowling the halls for vulnerable inkmonkeys so if you're a penciljockey looking for a gig keep an eye out for him (see mug shot, left) and don't be shy. Alternatively, drop us an email or comment below and we'll put you in touch.

Disconnected Press is launching two new anthologies, both are available for pre-order by emailing them HERE. Copies go on sale at Bristol Expo and online sales begin during the following week.

Disconnected Volume 1 brings together some of the UK’s brightest comic writers and artists for a collection of small town stories portraying real life with a splinter through it. Stories that take place on your doorstep but don't make the big city press. Stories that are true, even if they never happened. You can read more about Disconnected at:

Lost: Boys is an anthology of four short comics written by Lizzie Boyle and drawn by a group of emerging UK comic artists, touching on genetics, natural disasters and assassinations with the help of David Bowie and a number of bicycles. Find out more at:

STOP PRESS! Stephen Downey will have copies of Jennifer Wilde #2 on him.


Hokey cokey campers, that's yer lot. Did you write all that down? Good. Tell 'em Small Press Big Mouth sent you. Also, if you see our Stacey pottering around the con grab her firmly by the shoulders and state in a clear voice "You are The Whittle from SPBM and I claim my £5!" to win a free punch in the face. Toodles! xxx

PS Actually, if you see Stace she will have on her person copies of her fab fairytale anthology Into The Woods so stop her an buy one. There will also be copies on the FutureQuake stand!