Sunday, 8 May 2011

News Bites 9 - a quickie

Despite it being ages since I posted a News Bites Blog and despite having loads of news to post its just a quickie this time - another one will follow soon. All together now: This is the newwwws!

ITEM! Emily Carroll's new website is now online - and gooooorgeous!

ITEM! Particle Fiction #13 is out now- and its a crossover with The Mighty Jambo!

ITEM! Reasonably Priced Comics are looking for submissions for their anthology - full submission info HERE. Ollie Masters is looking for an artist to collaborate with.

ITEM! The next part of Laura Sneddon's Women In Comics series is online: Batwomen and the Revenge of the Supergirls

ITEM! Scott McCloud has created a video tutorial in Lettering Comics With Adobe Illustrator

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