Monday, 25 January 2010

Stace's bid to take over the internet

I have an article highlighting my small and indie press picks of the last year in this weeks Hub magazine. You can check it out at

I think we are recording episode 15 of SPBM tonight! Looking forward to hanging out with Lee. If anyone has any small press or webcomic recommendations please let us know!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Episode 14 is up at last!

Welcome to Small Press Big Mouth Episode 14! In this episode Stace and Lee have news galore and reviews of Mouseguard, Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers and the movie adaptation of Persepolis .
We also review Chester 5000 XYV (NSW!!!!), The Legend Known As and I Kill Giants it’s lovely to be back after our Christmas break we hope you missed us!

Direct download: Small_Press_Big_Mouth_Ep_14.mp3

some additional links:

John Harris Dunning site

Nikhil Singh site

David Peterson blog


Friday, 8 January 2010

Small Plug, Big Heads

Me & Stace are swanning around like King & Queen Awesome this afternoon cos we got a mention in this month's Judge Dredd Megazine! Amongst the usual brilliant Dredd-iverse and Tank Girl goodness check out Alec Worley's fab article on comics podcasts featuring interviews with friends-of-SPBM The Geek Syndicate, Comic Racks, Everything Comes Back To 2000AD and Comic News Insider.

Somewhere amongst all that is a "Best Of The Rest" box-out which is where The Whittle n me get our wee mention. Stace actually went supersonic when I told her so only dogs & dolphins know what she actually said but I think she was thrilled!

Monday, 4 January 2010

SFX Blog

Is available to read now my picks of 2009 some of them anyway, pared down for the blog. Will be doing my indie/small press picks for my new column in the next fortnight, more info as and when!