Monday, 2 May 2011

Comic Review: New British Comics #3

New British Comics #3
review by Gordon Robertson

New British Comics latest issue is the third and best yet collection of short pieces from the cream of the British small press and independent scene. A collection of some 13 stories spread over 80 odd pages, you get a decent amount of bang for your buck.

Anthologies are notoriously hit and miss affairs but there isn’t a weak link in this collection. I couldn’t go as far as to say there is something for everyone, as the stories tend towards the darker side, but if that is the sort of thing you like then you will find plenty in here to entertain you.

It's always refreshing to read some work that has been created for artistic reasons alone, without any need to compromise for commerciality. It makes for some weird and wonderful creations. The centre pages of the issue are filled by the work of Craig Collins and Iain Laurie with ‘The Quiet Burden.’ You'll go a long way to find something as truly demented as this tale. Other highlights include the excellent monochromatic stylings of Ink vs Paper’ from John Miers.

While these are personal favourites it's not fair on the other pieces to single them out, each story is as enjoyable as the next. If you like your comics left field then this is an excellent sampler of just how much good work is being done out there in the world of the small press.

New British Comics #3
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