Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Episode 17 on time and online!

What’s this? An episode of Small Press Big Mouth out on time? Yes, yes it is (...which is more than can be said for this blog update!) and covering diverse and wonderous comics such as Trenchfoot, Crossed, Crystal Clear, Grainger Street and Doctor McNinja. Where else would you go for all your small and indie press needs? Also featuring music from the utterly fabulous The Stillwells you lucky, lucky people!

UK Web and Mini Comics Thing -
The Adventures Of Dr McNinja -
Bostin Heroes -
Crystal Clear -

This episode's winner of The Big Mouth Tweet Tout is.... (drumroll) the Thought Bubble Festival huzzah & hurrah! If you want to a win a plug on the show get your butt over to Stace's Twitter page which is at
(By the way, did you notice i used the words 'butt' and 'plug' in the same sentence there? That was deliberate cos I've got a mind like a backstreet bordello (titter) )

Monday, 15 March 2010

SFX Bloggage

I have a new posting up on the SFX website, I am somewhat prolific this week. Don't worry, this won't continue as I have 3 episodes of Trueblood on the Sky+ box as well as a weeks worth of Come Dine With Me and a podcast to edit. My rock n roll life innit!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Wheturn Of Whubble

Gah! Wish I'd noticed this when we recorded last...

Back in, I think, our very first edition of Small Press Big Mouth me n The Gorgeous One reviewed ...well raved ...well gushed actually, over the awesomeness that is the comedy genius that is Jamie Smart's Whubble - that is a laugh-out-loud-so-hard-until-you-make-an-embarrassing-snorty-noise webcomic about a cat in an office and the sundry mental cases he works with.

Jamie Smart originally did about 50-odd Whubble strips and then stopped but now - as of the start of March - is back whubbling away again! Yayy! Dododo-dedodedo-dododo (cue Spaced celebration montage) Its a bit of a bugger it went under our radar as we would've plugged the hell out of it, but the good news is there's already a wee backlog of all new Whubble to enjoy! Yayy! (cue another Spaced celebration montage)

Anyway click the link to welcome back Pete, Frank, Mister Squeakychew and the rest and laugh until you go a little wee - I certainly did!

...wait, what?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I is a Writer doncha know

My latest article about indie comics is available in issue 113 of Hub magazine, you can peruse its sheer wonderfulousity here:

Monday, 8 March 2010

Episode 16 is up at last!

Welcome to Small Press Big Mouth Episode 16, your hosts Stace and Lee have news and reviews of Harker by Roger Gibson and Vince Danks, Road Crew, Axe Cop and Asterios Polyp.We also have a great chat about Richard Stark’s Parker the Hunter by Darwyn Cooke! We hope you enjoy it!

Axe Cop -
Road Crew -
Harker -
Nexus -
Darwyn Cooke -
David Mazzuccelli - unfortunately has no website that I can find.

This episode also includes the first winner of our Big Mouth Tweet Tout Twitter contest.
( - check it out) Please enjoy our audience participation section and shout "Big Mouth Tweet Tout!" when the show goes inexplicably silent! This was totally deliberate and intentional and a bold experiment in bleeding-edge podcasting technology and not at all in any way whatsoever a bit of a fluff-up, honest! Tweet your ass off at The Gorgeous Stace here:

Talking of The Whittle, as mentioned in the 'cast here's the exclusive sneak preview of her daughter-chomping appearance in the upcoming Damaged Goods - written by Rich McAuliffe, illustrated by Mark Chilcott and published by Insomnia ( soon!