Sunday, 1 January 2012

Looking Forward: 2012

2011 was a pretty fab year comics-wise, but I think 2012 will be even better. Into The WoodsBayou Arcana, White KnuckleRainbow Orchid v3Princess Of Mars, Damaged GoodsDick Turpin and the Crimson Plague and Babble to name just a few that were already on my Eagerly Awaited list, but what else can we expect? We gave a Big Mouth Call Out, and here's what we heard back...


Richmond Clements - Turning Tiger!

David WynneHypergirl issues 2 and 3 by summer, trade in October... and some stuff I frustratingly can't talk about. AWESOME stuff.

Ian SharmanHypergirl 2 & 3 by Summer, trade in Oct. New edition of Alpha Gods OGN in Feb. Hero: 9 to 5 Book Two at some point.

Rob Davis - Don Quixote Vol II

Holly Rose - The Shrapnel: Case Files will be debuting in spring (some gender and sexuality politics as well as crime fighting fun)

Luke FosterMoonFreight 3 on its regular MWF schedule, book collection vol. 3, and hopefully one or two other side projects.

Corey Brotherson - With Jennie Gyllblad: Bayou Arcana: Irons in the Fire, Clockwork Watch: The Arrival (followed by Breakaway), & secret projects. With Sergio Calvet Magic of Myths: season two. And with several other non-Twitter artists, Unseen Shadows: Stolen, and about 3 other secret/unannounced projects. Busy year! 

En GingerboomThose of No Class #2! And the compiled book of 'What is it Katy?' which I will be trying to fund with indiegogo

Valia KapadaiWhite Knuckle with Cy Dethan and Nic Wilkinson / Kindred Spirits and Medina's 9 Lives with Maggie J Neko, if I have some time Dreamcatcher with Mo Ali, Urban Legends and Bayou Arcana anthology, maaaaybe a short comic with Pavlos Pavlidis and after all that I have Snow with Richard McAuliffe and Seeing Shadows with Christopher Barker !! It'll be an AMAZING YEAR !! ?

Lee Robson - Babble. Hopefully. Babble is the story of Carrie Hartnoll, a girl lost and going nowhere in life until she becomes involved in an attempt to resurrect the forgotten universal language of Babel. The apparent suicide of the project’s original team leader propels her to uncover the horrific truth about the language and why it was written out of the history books…

Gavin Mitchell - Official release of Stiffs and The Pride, (I believe anyway)

Graham Pearce - I'll probably get sued by George Lucas in May 2012 when I publish Sgt Mike Battle #17 which features a story entitled 'Star-Spangled Wars'! I'm also hoping to publish the first chapter of Last Admin Hero 2 by the end of 2012!!

Nic Wilkinson - Bayou Arcana will be out next year, too with ALL the cool kids involved. Cy Dethan, Peter Mason, Graeme Howard and I also have Cancertown 2 brooding in the wings for next summer!

Garen Ewing - Art for 'The Legend of the Golden Feather' in The Phoenix issue 1 (written by Ben Haggarty) and 'The Rainbow Orchid' volume 3 in April (May for the Dutch edition).

Gary Bainbridge - Sugar Glider #3 is out next year, unless I leave comics to take up chess.

Daniel CliffordHalcyon & Tenderfoot  Subscriptions available now from

Sara Dunkerton - I'm sure you're already shouting about Bayou Arcana & Into The Woods, but the next Dark Harvest book is out in May, it'll be saturated with my work!

Christian Wildgoose - Ohh! Should have a book called 'Porcelain' out hopefully in March-ish plus a web comic 'ButterflyGate' both of them written by Benjamin Read and edited by Matthew Gibbs, and Dreamsolver coming out with Markosia late on..

Luke Halsall - the Glasgow League of Writers are producing a superhero anthology (each at most 6pgs) and a horror anthology later on.

BeyondtheBunker - Moon #2 will be out in 2012.

Glenn Jones working on my first comic book next year. to follow on from a novel I published 3 years ago. the title of my novel is called 'The Lyonsblood Chronicles' and I think the comic will be 'Tales from the Lyonsblood Chronicles'. I plan to do 4 comics. one special for each of my four main characters. Although I'm giving myself a year to do the first one...dipping my toe in the water etc. It's superhero, although not spandex and tights. it's more to do with the origin of super powers, and their ultimate purpose in the universe.

Dani Abram - Kitty Hawk will kick your ass in 2012 or so help me!

Laura Sneddon - I'll be creating my first comic for uni! Two modules this semester - one on international comics culture and the other on creating comics, for which I'll be writing and drawing a 9 page comic! I'm hoping my art talents come rushing back, ahem.

Jennie Gyllblad - 2012 will hopefully be the year I get a lot DONE, and published. Skal Chapter 1, Clockwork Watch, Bayou Arcana... Butterflies and Moths?

Andy Bloor - Zombies 2Robot Shorts and many more coming from AccentUK and others


Right then? Anyone got any more? And what are you looking forward to this year? Drop us a line in the usual manner!