Monday, 25 March 2013

Episode 42 is online!

Welcome to the latest episode of Small Press Big Mouth, this is Episode 42: The Meaning of Grice - in which you will learn the answer to The Ultimate Question... of Life, The Universe, Everything. And where the feck we've fecking been for the last four fecking months.*

*Belgium, man, Belgium.

Lee and Stace have a good old rambling chat about all sorts of thing -  including The British Comic Awards, Porcelain, Babble, Lou Scannon, The Spooky Womb and Razarhawk. Lee couldn’t hear Stacey at times and Stacey barely finishes a sentence – that’s right we’re back!

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Stace portrait of the week.
Lee stinks and Stace is surrounded
by flowers fried eggs


ELYSIA Kickstarter takes flight

I've been aware of this project percolating away behind the scenes for quite a while as writer Serena Obhrai is a friend and I've been a huge drooling fanboy for artist Jennie Gyllblad's comics (Skal, Jenspiration, Clockwork Watch, Bayou Arcana) for yonks, so its great to see Elysia break out into public view at last. 

Elysia is an epic and ambitious project that has been gestating inside Serena's fevered noodle for decades - a huge and intimate urban fantasy of angels and demons and self-discovery. 

Anyhoo, read the press release below, ogle the artwork, click the links and check out the Kickstarter fundraiser...


An original 300-page graphic novel 
that centres around self-identity and 
friendship after a young girl 
turns into an angel.

The Story

Elysia’s wings begin to grow when she hits puberty and her whole life is thrown into disarray. Her journey to discover her new form is more than she bargained for.

Having been born with a lot more power and responsibility than she can accept, we follow Elysia on this epic coming-of-age journey where everything she knows no longer exists. Her estranged angel mother and scientist father have a lot to answer for as Elysia grows into her new body.

She is soon to learn that she is to become a fighter in a secret training facility to ward off the Demon Angel Overlord - who has also kidnapped her father. Settling for nothing short of Elysia’s soul, the Demon will not rest until he has destroyed the Higher Order of angels that rule over the lands.

The story encapsulates a healthy respect for science, friendship and self-discovery. Don't be fooled by the angels - they are led by planetary alignments, not religion. Elysia makes many friends along the way all with their own angel powers and they all combine to create the formidable force to take on the Fallen Angel attack that is about to take over the world and all its inhabitants.

The Book

Elysia is a full-colour, 300-page original fantasy graphic novel written and created by Serena Obhrai, which will be split into three chapters. Jennie Gyllblad was appointed to join as lead illustrator in the Spring of 2012. The graphic novel operates under Ermahgerd Entertainment Ltd and the company are now excited to be launching a Kickstarter campaign.

Each chapter will be printed in full colour, sized 260mm by 170mm and approximately 100 full colour pages each. The first chapter scheduled for release in September 2013.

There are also options for Elysia superfans to be in the comic themselves! Many of the higher end tier rewards are such that fans can be written and drawn into the story.

There are future plans to turn Elysia into an animated TV series and computer game.

The Main Cast

The Creative Team

CEO and Lead Writer
Serena was born in London and has worked in online communities for a decade. She is now working on Elysia full time. As a classically trained actress with a Psychology degree, and someone who has been writing since she was 11, Serena has a unique ability to tell epic character-driven stories.

Lead Illustrator
Jennie is an illustrator, designer and graphic novel artist, who currently lives and works in Bath. She has studied graphic design. Interior comics and graphic novel illustration is not her only strong point, Jennie is able to also ink, work on tattoo designs and private commissions, as well as corporate branding.