Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Stace's new podcast If You Like This ep2 online now!

Stacey and Amy welcome you one and all to episode 2 of If You Like This, the podcast that points you in the direction of awesome stuff you might not have otherwise tried. This week we are looking at Pulp/Noir, we have a big girly geek out chatting about The Caped Crusader and an even bigger one about Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Direct Download: Episode 2

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Episode 25 - British International Comics Show (BICS) 2010 special

Lee & Stace and their shiny T-shirts (not professional wrestlers)

Here it is folks, the big shiny Small Press Big Mouth Special! Episode 25 is (apart from a little news section) soley dedicated to The British International Comic Show 2010. Get our thoughts, reactions, likes and dislikes as well as panel round up and a couple of interviews! Enjoy!

Direct Download: Episode 25

The really awesome Alan Davis Captain Britain sketch wot Lee fiendishly won.


Monday, 18 October 2010

Stace co-interviews Bryan Hitch at BICS

When Geek Syndicate co-host David Monteith was unable to make it to BICS this year (get well soon Dave) Barry 'Nuge' Nugent drafted in The Newge to co-host GS's interview with comics megastar Bryan Hitch.

Direct Download: BICS Special with Bryan Hitch

thanks to Gordon Wilson for the pic - the one I took was flipping rubbish!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Episode 24 is online!

Here for your audio pleasure good people of the internets is dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuhhhh; Episode 24 of Small Press Big Mouth for all your small press and indie news, reviews and comedy accents! This week we review The Lagoon, Spacegirl, Judenhass, Masked Manor, Octopus Pie and Find Comet, Hit Comet, Watch Comet, Sleep. We also get up in your grille with a shitload of news! You know you want it so what are you waiting for?

Direct Download: Episode 24








Al Davison's Hokusai trailer

Nic Wilkinson's Sticky Notes comics reviews's%20Sticky%20Notes

Luke Foster's The Gang From The Store and David Wynne's Particle Fiction v1 are available from

Details on the second Get Well Carlos Esquerra comic here

BICS 2010

This weekend Gorgeous Stace & Lovely Lee will be at the British International Comics Show which is again being help at the Think Tank, Millenium Point in Birmingham - if you see us say hello!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lee's guest co-host ep of North East Geek Feast is up!

The first North East Geek Feast on the Geek Syndicate Network!

Direct Download: Episode 6

Daniel and Lily give a North Eastern eye-view over some delicious geeky morsels this month as they invite SPBM’s Lee Grice along to review season premieres of True Blood and Merlin, Daniel charts his path through a twenty-four hour comic event and the creator of Sgt Mike Battle, Graham Pearce, pops along for a chat.

Find NEGF on Facebook to get involved in future episodes or email Daniel and Lily at

For all the previous episodes of NEGF pop along to

Monday, 11 October 2010

Monday, 4 October 2010

Exit Nuge: Enter Newge

Check out this week's Geek Syndicate podcast as they give SPBM a spotlight - oh, and stick to the end for a thrilling revelation & regeneration!

In this episode the guys reach their landmark fourth anniversary of podcasting goodness and this episode is no exception.

News: Star Wars goes 3D, Wonder Woman gets a new TV show…maybe and we chat about the top ten comics being banned from libraries.

Main: A look at some of the new and old US shows returning to our TV screens.

Make sure you listen to entire episode as at the end the secret behind ‘The Nuge’ is revealed as Barry leaves the podcast in an explosive finale and the 2nd Nuge is revealed.

Direct Download: Episode 168

Moonfreight3 fan art

So once upon a time I used to be quite arty but about 10 years ago I pretty much hung up my pencils. Recently, inspired the superb artists I follow on Twitter - such as David Wynne, Stephen Downey, PJ Holden, Sarah McIntyre and Jamie Smart - who often post up sketches and works-in-progress - I've been thinking about getting back into it again.

A while a go I submitted a panel for Jamie Smart's online Chaffy comic and then the other week I was inspired by Luke Foster's wonderful sci-fi sitcom webcomic Moonfreight3 (which we reviewed way back in SPBM ep5) and whipped up a wee bit of fan art.

Here it is along with the original doodle and pencil stages. Hope you like.

Lee's Influence Map

So there was this internet meme going round called an Influence Map - basically a display of all the things that inspire(d) you as an artist. All the cool kids were doing them - here's PJ Holden's and Adam Cadwell's and Paul Thompson's and Terry Beatty's for example.

As a fan of these guys I found it interesting to see what their influences are - seeing which were evident in their work and which were surprising.

I then decided to have a crack at one myself - but it got a bit out of hand and ended up not as one but as three. Its actually a really interesting exercise and I made a few interesting discoveries about myself - for instance I'm a massive fan of artists such as Ian Gibson, Ron Smith, Massimo Belardinellli, Steve Ditko, Albert Uderzo, Herge and Jack Kirby yet I don't think I could list them as influences - at least not direct ones.
Anyhoo, for anyone who might be interested here's my Influence Map(s) above - click to embiggenify. Oh and as you can see I made my own rather than use the template because i'm an idiot who like to make work for himself! Duh!