Thursday, 12 May 2011

Sgt Mike Battle #16 invades Bristol!

We've had a dispatch from the front! ...which actually sounds a bit rude so I'll say instead that we've had an email from Groovy Graham Pearce, confident and chronicler of the adventures of Sgt Mike Battle: The Greatest American Hero to let us know that the latest issue of his comic premiers at this weekend's Bristol International Comics and Small Press Expo. Here's the full decoded message. Broadsword calling Danny Boy... Broadsword calling Danny Boy...


The latest exciting and historically incorrect issue of SGT MIKE BATTLE: THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO! is set in 1940 and shows how Sgt Mike Battle saved the British troops at Dunkirk, saved the RAF from the Luftwaffe, saved London during the Blitz, saved the entire country from Nazi Invasion and helped the King overcome his speech problems!
This is the greatest war story in the history of the world, a story that some are describing as 'The Kings Speech' directed by Michael Bay. Yes, it is that good.
SGT MIKE BATTLE: THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO! is only £1.50 for 36 pages of freedom-loving fun and will be launched at the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo (14-15th May 2011)! 

SGT MIKE BATTLE Volume 1 is out now and collects the first 7 issues of Sgt. Mike Battle: The Greatest American Hero!

Order your copy by replying to this email or via the SGT MIKE BATTLE Fan Club on Facebook. 

Only £12 for 280 b+w pages with a fantastic, freedom-loving colour cover

For more information, visit 

"much better than it should have been" COMICS INTERNATIONAL

"Absolutely f***in' hilarious" SMALL PRESS BIG MOUTH


This is definitely on my To Buy list and if you're at Bristol be sure to come along to the "What's the Point In Small Press Superheroes?" panel what Graham will be appearing on.

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