Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Episode 13 - dun dun duuuuuuhhhh

Welcome to Small Press Big Mouth episode 13. In this episode Stacey has a good old ramble about Thoughtbubble, The Everyday and Geek Girl and Lee reviews Nexus, 2001 Nights and Awesome Marcus Ninja. Presented for your enjoyment in Geordiebrumophonics whey aye like!
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linkaroos;_trksid=p4340 - David Lloyd Auction!

Monday, 14 December 2009

In Memory of Eric Martin, Auction

The Geek Syndicate say this on their ebay page,

"Eric Martin was a huge comic fan who died of a heart attack on November 18th during his sleep. He was aged only 36. Eric was a regular contributor to many of the comic book podcasts out there and their forums. He was also a friend and great supporter of the Geek Syndicate podcast back when we first started and even came on a few episodes. It is because of our friendship with Eric that we at Geek Syndicate, in collaboration with many other people, have decided to organise this auction to help raise money for Eric's eight year old daughter Gracie."

We at SPBM didn't know Eric ourselves but appreciate the people who support us and know how much it means to have someone like Eric around, we realise how much he'll be missed and so we want to do all we can to promote this auction.

I have already bid on the art by Lauren Monardo because she rocks and her art is amazing. You lot pick summat else to bid on y'hear! :-)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Technotard, blogs and comics

So instead of working out how to upload mini interview clips from Dictophone to 'puter and cleaning them up and slotting them into the podcast. I played them down the mic when we were recording on Monday night! Ha Technology FAIL! Worked though.

My latest SFX blog is up on teh SFX Magazine website, few thoughts bout Thoughbubble.

Not going to have a chance to review it on the 'cast properly but I picked up #10 of Fetishman at TB09. Fetishman loses his fetish mojo and struggles to get it back. Lactose Intolerant Boy is the star of this show, he's brilliant. Very funny and a bit silly (in a good way) there is no drop in quality as this series goes on. Beautifully produced as always and a really, really reasonable £1.50 an issue. Go on, you know you want to!