Wednesday, 23 February 2011

tracking down BAYOU ARCANA

Hello Kiddies! Its you're old pal Lovely Lee crept in the crypt to talk to you once again. It was several full moons ago that we first told you about James Pearson's plans for his creepy cajun comic called Bayou Arcana. We thought it was about time to slump back into the swamp and ask Fearsome Pearson how his macabre anthology is coming along....

"To nutshell the Bayou Arcana experience thus far all I can say is totally-socks-knocked-off-blown-away!!!
This started off as an exercise in "Universe Building" and it has taken on an organic life of its own. I have been amazed how with little guidance the BA author's tales are meshing and interweaving to create a world that is coherent and unique. It is an exciting process to be a part of. The stories cover over a hundred years of BA history and will provide a brilliant launch-pad for an ongoing series (the gods of publishing willing!). The stories so far range from tales dealing directly with the plight and lives of the escaped slaves to the mythology and lore swirling around in the swampy environment that surrounds them. Ghosts, demons, monsters and bounty hunters are just some of the threats the swamp folk are going to confront in this first volume.
The concept of going for an all-girl artistic team is also paying off. The imagery that the ladies are providing has been mesmerising and sets a standard that Bernie Wrightson would be proud of. The Arcana they are creating is a miasma of lost souls, fantastical creatures, supernatural peril and most of all hope. The bayou will be a terrifying and beautiful place all at once. I can not fathom a publisher not being impressed by the quality at hand here!!!
Also very happy and thrilled to have the ever BRILL Stacey Whittle as co-editor on the book!!!"

Several of the eerie artists involved with the book have revealed some shuddersome sketches and disturbing design work on their bogs... I mean blogs... and Twitter feeds. Check out this sicko suckerfaced creature from the twisted pen of Nasty Nic Wilkinson. How Nic managed to track down my ex to pose for these sketches I'll never know...

And here's a beautiful nocturnal mood piece from Scary Sara Dunkerton as well as a sketch of a very creepy critter (oooo that exposed boney section in its tail gives me the heebie-jeebies!)

And now we have a truly gorgeous character development sketch by Yelpin' Jennie Gyllblad

...and lastly, but by no means least we have a brilliantly atmospheric mood piece by Voodoo Valia Kapadai

Can you see I used black magic to compel Valia to subconsciously add me to the roster of creators even though I'm not actually involved with the book? I just wanted to see my name listed among such an impressive group of talent! Yeeheheheheheee!

Anyhoo, kiddies, its time for me to get off the blog and out of the bog and shamble back to the ol' homestead - that big pile of comics won't read itself! So long kiddies - hope you all have a weird Wednesday!

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