Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Big Mouth News Bites

Hi SPBMers, welcome to what will hopefully be a semi-regular feature of the blog - News Bites - which, as the name implies, are small bite-sized news items served together for your reading pleasure. But first I'd just like to thank everyone who nominated us in the Eagle Awards - we noticed that we were in the drop-down list for Favourite Comics Website and we're very very flattered by the gesture - thank you whoever you are.

Okay then... *ahem* This is the newwwwwwwws!

ITEM: Bevis Musson announced on Twitter that he's doing drawings to raise money for Comic Relief. "Fancy a drawing from me & raising money for charity? Then visit my.rednoseday.com/bevismusson" Really good they are too - check out this lush Poison Ivy

ITEM: Andy "The Wolfmen" Bloor is also taking commissions. "If anyone fancies any commissions by me, or buying artwork from any of my Accent UK books, please get in touch... be happy to help" Contact him via his his blog and check out this awesome illustration from Accent UK's upcoming Predators anthology

ITEM: Barry Nugent announced that there's going to be several spin-off comics from Fallen Heroes. "I can confirm that the Fallen Heroes character Cy Dethan will be writing a one-shot comic for will be... The Reverend." He later announced another character from FH will be getting a spin-off title!

ITEM: Talking of Cy Dethan, his Cancertown getting new print release in June and The Indifference Engine is getting print release in July. He also recently appeared on the Sci-Fi Pulse podcast which you can hear HERE

ITEM: Still with Cancertown uber-talented C-town and Slaughterman's Creed artist Stephen Downey is also taking art commissions. See details here: HERE

ITEM: Daniel Clifford tells me that Sugar Glider artist Gary Bainbridge will (hopefully) be at the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair with their new anthology Sugar Glider Stories. Speaking of which, Daniel is posting interviews with the SGS artists on his blog.

ITEM: Awesometastic and Comedy Genius(TM) Jamie Smart announced on Twitter his new webcomic starts next week and he's introducing us to the cast every day this week. Corporate Skull begins on Monday 21st February, so makes sure you check it out every day till it starts to meet guys like Johnny Tits!

ITEM: Emily Carroll - author of the haunting His face All Red which blew us at SPBM towers away last year has a new webcomic online - a romantic fable called Anu-Analan and Yir's Daughter check it out.

Th-th-that's all the news for now, folks! If you've got a news item you'd like us to mention or have comics to recommend or send us to review or you just want to give us feedback about the podcast we implore you to drop us a line at our email or Twitter.

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