Monday, 21 February 2011

News Bites 3! in 2D!

Hello! Its Monday 21st February and you're at the SPBM check-out!

ITEM: Check out these wonderful short comics by Dani Abram 

ITEM: Check out this excellent interview with Commando cover artist and British comics legend Ian Kennedy (thanks to ECBT2000AD for flagging up this)

ITEM: Check out Jamie Smart's latest webcomic Corporate Skull - its brilliant and a little bit mental!

ITEM: Check out the classic adventures of Garth that start a reprint run in The Mirror newspaper today. Unfortunately its not on the website, but Simon Tuffield's Simon's Cat is - as are classic episodes of The Perishers!

ITEM: Accent UK are updating ther website - check out their progress HERE!

ITEM: Check out this blog on podcasts - SPBM gets an honourable mention! Thanks Nick!

ITEM: Check out Pop! A Complete History a brilliant strip running in NME by Jonathan Edwards

Thank you for shopping at SPBM! Have a nice day! *cheesy grin*

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