Monday, 21 February 2011


Just a quickie to say how fucking brilliant is the cover to Accent UK's upcoming Predators anthology? Its been floating around for a while now as the book - the latest in Accent's superb themed anthologies - has been delayed a while, but hell's teeth its a thing of beauty! Artist Kev Mullins usually works with inks and watercolours but this piece was created digitally.

Mullins' first published work was in Accent's Robots anthology and has also featured in their Western anthology as well as the Tripwire annuals for 2008 & 2009. If you want to see more of his artwork check out his website and his Deviant Art page. Predators, meanwhile, will be out later this year and had been accepted for order through Diamond - details forthcoming. More info on that - and Accent's other forthcoming anthologies, Victoriana and Zombies 2 - can be found at their website.

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