Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Kochi Wanaba explained? More on the way?

Jamie Smart is a fricking genius and one of the most talented creators in British comics. Fact. 

His online graphic novel Kochi Wanaba was a bold, brilliant and beautiful piece of work that demanded its readers think about what they had read and interpret for themselves what they had experienced. Fact. 

The climax of the story was a blindsiding shocker that made me feel like I'd been led skipping and singing by the hand through fields of loveliness and then sent Wile E Coyote-like off the edge of a deep crevasse. Fact. 

I absolutely adored it even though I was utterly wrong-footed and confused - art should make you feel but it should also sometimes make you think and sometimes artists have to trick you to do it. Unfortunately, it can sometimes leave people feeling stupid or cheated and some of the comments posted on the Kochi website reflect that.

Today Smart posted a blog addressing some of these concerns and also revealed that the end of Kochi Wanaba may not be the end at all.....

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