Thursday, 10 February 2011

Daniel Clifford & Martin Newman at the Beeb!

BBC tees

Friend of SPBM and writer of Sugar Glider Daniel "NEGF" Clifford and artist Martin Newman appeared on Bob Fischer's show on Radio Tees (which it turns out is a BBC local station apparently not a station about strippers and lapdancers as I disappointingly found out when I begged Daniel to take me with him) on Tuesday 8th February. 

Daniel & Martin & Bob talked comics, comics and comics and a fun segment it was too - Fischer was a friendly and informed host and Daniel & Martin were smart and enthusiastic and did a grand job of promoting the art form I thought. Certainly a damn sight better than Mark Millar did when he was on Richard Bacon's show a few months back that's for sure!

Anyhoo, the show is available on the BBC iPlayer until Tuesday 15th Feb - Daniel & Martin's bit starts about 1hour and 8 minutes in.

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