Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lee's cameo in SKAL

Lee was chuffed to bits this week when he was given the opportunity to appear as a guest cameo in Jennie Gyllblad's beautifully illustrated fantasy webcomic SKAL. His role as "Market Punter #9" is clearly a future award winner and is getting fanboys all abuzz in a manner unseen since Boba Fett first appeared in toy ads before the release of The Empire Strikes Back back in '82!

If you want to see more of "Market Punter #9" - a return to SKAL as, perhaps, a recurring or major character, or maybe even in a sexy spin-off mini-series - you should contact, nay, bombard Jennie via her website. And while you're there you should definitely check out her commissions page and give serious consideration to hiring her to do some of her amazing artwork for you! She's available for portraits, pet portraits, RPG and book illustrations, concept art, character design, comics, graphic novels, fine art paintings and more.

The New Defenders
Of course this isn't Lee's first appearance in comics, oh no. He's made many such stealthy appearances - as a teenager (with more hair) he appeared in a issue of Marvel comics' The New Defenders as The Heartbreak Kid and later as Kevin's Severed Head in Frank Miller's Sin City. So impressed was Miller with Lee's work in that role he got Geoff Darrow to put Lee into their Hard Boiled as Graffitti Face.

Keep your eyes out for more of Lee's comicbook cameos and let us know if you spot any!

Hard Boiled
Sin City

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