Friday, 4 February 2011

Not Another Christmas Carol

Unashamed plug time - Not Another Christmas Carol by Denise Meyer and beautifully illustrated by Valia Kapadai. We here at SPBM are huge fans of the talented Ms K (you are reading Innocent Soul right?) but her illustrations for this book are breathtaking - seriously, check it out!

A full color illustrated novella suitable for most denominations. Jasper “Kat” Petty has a case of Grinchitis. Most folks suffer a Scrooge-moment now and then, but for Kat, it’s a virulent strain that has hung on for sixteen years. In high school, young Petty had the dream of being a novelist tucked into one pocket and a national writing award stashed in the other. But that was before his dad died, leaving the family in financial chaos. Forced to give up college and take a blue-collar job, he now watches his friends start families while he struggles through a string of “Caroles” who love him and leave him in short order—nearly always at Christmas. Enter: Chi, a comic devil who may or may not be God himself. The silver-haired eccentric with the wisecracking mouth and cockeyed view of living and loving shows Kat how to drop his prickly barriers and take one last shot at fulfilling his dreams—with of all things? Another Carole.

Available to buy in various formats from the Lulu Press website

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