Thursday, 30 June 2011

SPBM Gallery: Pavlos Pavlidis

In SPBM episode 32 I reviewed Unstrung! a comic from Greek creator Pavlos Pavlidis. It was one of three of his comics given to me by the lovely Valia Kapadai by way of a cultural comics exchange (if you're interested I gave her an old paperback collection of The Perishers strips).

Although I couldn't understand the stories I was blown away by Pavlos's harsh chiaroscuro style and punk sensibilities. I mentioned on the podcast I was hoping to post a gallery of his artwork. He kindly agreed so here it is. 

Pavlos doesn't seem to have an online shop at the moment but enquiries to buy his comics or commission art can be directed to his deviantART profile and he's on Twitter. I'm hoping he will - and have been encouraging him to - make English language editions of his comics available.

Anyhoo, enough of my waffle, its time for the gallery - enjoy....

[click thumbnails for full-size images]


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