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SPANDEX issue 4 premieres at Bristol

NOTE: This entry was originally posted in the week before the BICSPE 2011, but disappeared when blogger had a meltdown. It has now reappeared a la The Philadelphia Experiment several weeks later. Spooky... but anyhoo - buy the comic!


Spandex is a small press superhero comic featuring the world's first all-gay superteam, created and published by Martin Eden. I've heard lots of great things about it - not least from Sugar Glider writer and Small Press Stan Lee(TM) "Disco" Daniel Clifford who won't shut up going on about it, frankly. Anyhoo Martin sent a press release to the SPBM mansion about the imminent release of issue 4 and it sounds like a corker. take it away, Russ...


Attack of the Super-Lesbians!

Gay superteam Spandex are back – and they have a sexy new batch of enemies to fight! In the brand new fourth issue, ‘Les Girlz’ emerge from the shadows to unleash their vicious plans on our heroes – and it’s gonna get messy!

Spandex Comic creator, Martin Eden describes Les Girlz: “The team consists of Pussy, Ms Fantastic, Hag, Crusader, Saga and Incognita. They’ve been popping up briefly in the first three issues, but now they are taking centre-stage. In Issue 4, they attack Spandex one by one, and not everyone will be left standing by the end of the issue…”

Issue Four launches a four-part mega-epic storyline called ‘O.M.F.G.’ in which shocking secrets will be revealed, an old enemy will return, and pretty much everything will be turned on its head. There are some big stories coming up…

Spandex Comic creator Martin Eden commented on the new storyline: “Now that we’ve got to know the characters, I’m really starting to have fun, and I’m doing things that haven’t been done in comics before. The events of issue 4 will either make you laugh, scream or cry – I really can’t predict which. And how often do you see two superheroes go to a gay sauna…?’

Spandex is now being published twice a year, with eventual book collections in the pipeline. The comic made global headlines all over the world when it was launched, and last year it earned an Eagle Award nomination for ‘Best British Colour Comic’.

Spandex comic #4 will be on sale from 14 May – launching at the Bristol Expo Comic Convention – and then will be available from the Spandex website, selected comic shops and via online download.

Spandex comic #4 is on-sale from 14th May. £3 for the hard copy, £1 for the digital download

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Keep your earballs tuned for a review in a future episode of SPBM. If you pick up Spandex #4 why not email us and let us know what you think!

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