Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Accidental Salad from Blank Slate Books

Blank Slate Books is an indie publisher that's appearing more and more on my radar with titles like Trains Are Mint, Sparky O'Hare, Luchadoras (which Stace reviewed in SPBM 30) and the upcoming print version of Kochi Wanaba. They specialise in publishing original UK talent as well as quality European translations. Now Blank Slate have just started a new imprint featuring original projects in a new format. Chalk Marks are A4ish-sized 24-48  pages, card covers w/ flaps and retailing at around £6. 

The first Chalk Marks title will be The Accidental Salad by Joe Decie. Here's the press release...

Described as “life seen through a lens of thought provoking absurdism”, The Accidental Salad offers the reader alluringly ink-washed stories of the apparently everyday, with a twist in the tail. Ever wonder what the portent of that eyeless Bart Simpson doll at the boot sale was? Or how demons can possess your pictures during scanning? Joe Decie reveals all in this stunning debut.

A regular contributor to Top Shelf 2.0, Joe’s work has long been amassing legion of fans the Internet over, earning praise from readers and graphic novelists alike:

“Read one of Joe Decie’s comics and you’ll find they don’t demand you to keep reading so much as politely ask if you wouldn’t mind continuing, perhaps you’d also like this next one as well. The fact that they’re charmingly drawn and full of understated humour and sensitivity makes it all the harder not to keep reading, and liking them.” 
          Jeffrey Brown, Clumsy and Little Things 

"… warmth, wit and gentle self-mockery that puts me in mind of Eddie Campbell's ALEC - or at least the more family-orientated episodes." 
Stephen Holland, Page 45

Joe Decie draws pictures in boxes that are true and made up. He currently lives on the south coast of England with his girlfriend and their son. His favourite chilli pepper is the Scotch Bonnet and his favourite whiskey is Lagavulin.

June 2011 
£5.99/ $7.99
40 pages, B&W, 
ISBN 978-1-906653-50-7

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