Sunday, 12 June 2011


Here at the SPBM mansion love it when creators get in touch to tell us about their new comics, so we were chuffed when we had an email from writer Tom McNally informing us about his latest comic The Most Difficult Task. This is what he had to say...


My new comic is called 'The Most Difficult Task.' I wrote it and it was illustrated by a mysterious Taiwanese woman known as TpCat. It is the first part of an adventure story that covers 19th century Chinese history, the idea of God as a metaphor for government and a civilisation ascended to the pinnacle of Planned economics in tragic freefall, all through the medium of adorable fuzzy animals.

We launched it at the MCM Expo to endearing enthusiasm amongst mine and TpCat's rather different followers. An examination of tpcat's website and my own my own will show that we tend to play it safe with the sketch comedy format and that a meatier serial is like going to a different kind of restaurant on the other side of town for us. An exciting night out!


Sounds, and looks, great to me! We're aware of Tpcat's beautiful work - we reviewed her book Prick way back in the very first episode of SPBM. This looks lovely doesn't it? The Most Difficult Task is 28 pages, costs £6 and can be purchased from HERE. keeps your ears peeled for a full review in a future SPBM.

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  1. I was lucky enough to be given a copy by a friend a couple of weeks and it is a beautiful bit of work. I was a fan of Tom's work through his regular "Cowboy Love" panels but this is in a different league. Cannot wait till the next book.