Tuesday, 28 June 2011

News Bites 13

Hello you big bunch of SPBMers! Here's another platterful of anews-bouche for you to let your faceknockers nibble on.


ITEM! Knock knock! Who's there? Mister. Mister Who? Yes. What? Eh? Wait, lets start again. Who is Mister Who? Find out in Mister Who #1 available to read free online www.misterwho.co.uk ahead of its official release! 

ITEM! Jamie "too damn talented for his own good" Smart has gone and 'wrote a blog about the thieving internet. contains swears and angry punching' Read it HERE 

ITEM! When Emily Carroll delivers a new webcomic this is always A Very Good Thing. Her latest The Prince & The Sea is A Very Very Good Thing. Go and read it now, I'll wait.....

ITEM! ...are you back? Waddya think? I know, awesome, right? You know what else is awesome? The fan art piece that Vera B (Anya's Ghost) posted soon after. Check it out HERE

ITEM! Are you in a sneak-preview-of-an-ace-looking-comic mood? Well then feast your eye-holes on the first 3 gorgeous pages of Jennifer Wilde (Warning: may contain nuts. And boobs.)  You'll remember of course this comic is from Rob CurleyMaura McHugh and Stephen Downey.

ITEM! As if Cancertown 2 and White Knuckle weren't enough to be going on with 'Cyberman' Cy Dethan has unleashed news of yet another project to tingle your mind and blow your spine: Phantom Lung And The Garden Of Dead Liars will have art by Simon 'Says Why' Wyatt, letters by 'Knickers' Nic Wilkinson and will be a Markosia joint.

ITEM! Speaking of Markosia - check out these awesome trailers for upcoming books The Interactives and Unbelieveable - The Man Who Ate Daffodils (from that Simon Wyatt guy again!)

ITEM! And while we're in a video show kinda mood here's the trailer for Pirates Of Pangaea the first strip announced for The Phoenix Comic - which will be hitting the streets on the 7th January 2012!

STOP PRESS! Com-X graphic novel 45 from Andi Ewington is now available on graphicly - and at the bargain price of £1.99 for one week only!


That's yer lot for now you gorgeous geeky gluttons, you. If you have any news for us give me a shout on Twitter or drop us an email

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