Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Abnormals Release Imminent!

The Abnormals is a new small press comic from Grant Springford who kindly send us this head-ups  about its imminent launch. From what I can tell its a supernatural superhero comic that looks like a blend of Hellboy and Doom Patrol so definitely one to check out I think. Remember you heard it here first! (unless you heard it somewhere else first, natch)


Uncanny underground!
New comic explores the mysteries beneath the streets of London

There is a dark and twisted universe just below your feet. In ‘Subterranea,’ the dangerous netherworld beneath London’s streets, all the myths and legends you ever heard are true.

Down in the darkness demons dwell and villains gather and plot. Ghosts and monsters roam long-forgotten passageways while visitors from other dimensions tear through rifts in time and space.

Deeper still, warps in reality have formed swamps, forests and vast primordial plains, on which dwell all manner of alien civilisations and curious creatures. It is said there is even a chasm that leads all the way to the centre of the Earth... where, as everyone knows, the dinosaurs live.
There are untold horrors in those caverns and corridors, and only Britain’s strangest superheroes can prevent them from bubbling and boiling to the surface.

Led by secret agent Meena MalhotraThe Abnormals are: The Bouncer - a robotic policeman from the future; The Link - an otherworldly psychic; the space-manipulating Angie GrayThrowback - an energy controlling troglodyte; and Nasty - an imp from the fourth moon of hell.

The Abnormals was inspired by all those weird stories about the London underground,’ says series creator Grant Springford. ‘I read that, when the first tunnels were constructed, the church warned the digging would disturb the devil. Since then there’s been no end to the strange things people have reported. And that’s what the comic’s all about: what if all those stories were true? And what if they were just the tip of the iceberg?’

And it’s not just the inhabitants of Subterranea that provoke fear. ‘I wanted to make my superheroes as strange as the threats they face,’ says Grant. ‘The real star of the comic, though, is the city. I love London and it’s great fun to bring its mysterious side to life.’

The first issue takes place at Westminster station and features the terrifying Ragged Ghosts, evidence that the Roman empire lives on and an answer to the question ‘why do so many umbrellas go missing on public transport?’.


You can see more preview art from The Abnormals on their Facebook page.

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