Tuesday, 14 June 2011

OVERLOAD from Martin Conaghan

Martin Conaghan - writer of the Burke & Hare graphic novel - dropped an email off at the SPBM mansion to let us know about a new self-published comic he's getting together. It sounds like a goodie. Here's what he said...

I started up my own company a few months ago (The Copydesk Ltd) with a view to publishing some of my own projects, and I'm starting with a US-format black and white anthology title called OVERLOAD. It'll be short run stuff, but will hopefully build.

The first issue (#0) has gone off to the printers and I'm expecting it back [in time] to sell at the Glasgow Con. It'll retail at £4 (44 pages, b/w, colour cover). I'm also making it available digitally.

Issue #0 comprises my old six-page stories, previously published in Negative Burn and some other places, (see sample pages left and right)  but it helps me get it off the ground. Roy Stewart did the cover for me. I'm planning for it to be semi-regular, perhaps quarterly at first and I'm aiming to crowdsource some of the money to cover costs etc.

I've started gathering a roster of names for issue #1, which I'm aiming to have done by October (in time for Leeds' Thought Bubble convention) and then I'll work on a schedule from there. I've recruited Gordon Rennie, James Peaty, Vito Delsante, Cy Dethan, Matt Gibbs and Martin Hayes (plus me) for issue #1. It's a good blend of established, semi-established and up-coming writers. I'm speaking to Peter Docherty about doing a cover. For now, it's invite-only. All work is creator-owned, with OVERLOAD reserving some reprint and digital rights.


Sounds like quite a line-up there. Keep an eye out for Martin at Glasgow Con next weekend and if you see him, pick up a copy of Overload #0 and tell him SPBM sent you. Oh and let us know what you think of Overload after you read it - I dare say we'll be reviewing it on a future ep!

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