Wednesday, 22 June 2011

News Bites 12 - its a monster!!

In our last thrilling instalment Johnny suspected that Clarice's baby was really Finlay's, conceived while Steve was screwing around with Sheila who was still grieving for Alan who was killed by a drunken Esther who was driving home after an illicit rendezvous with Leslie behind Julia's back. Meanwhile Phyllis can't find her cat. 
Now read on...


ITEM! Awesome Nic Wilkinson dropped us a line to let inform us that the Slaughterman's Creed original art raffle at Whatever Comics raised £85 for Refuge. Excellent, guys, well done!

ITEM! Michael Dowers, editor of Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of 1980s ilooking for minicomic submissions from 1990 until the present for a two-volume Treasury of Mini Comics.  SPX has more info.

ITEM! Want to see your death turned into an awesome comic? Let Donna Barr know how you want to die - or how you don't!.

ITEM! Carson Van Osten, a famous Disney artist who did many Disney Comic Books created the famous "Comic Strip Artist's Kit". Mark Kennedy has posted it on his website Temple Of The Seven Golden Camels. It is brilliant stuff. check it out.

ITEM! Pete Rogers asked on Twitter: "Anyone thinking of exhibiting at Birmingham Comic Con and want to share a table?" Drop us a line or contact Pete if you do. 

ITEM! Jennie Gyllblad has posted sketches from Comics Launchpad on her blog. Also, Ms Gallbladder now has a whole shipload of beautiful original art  for sale in her online shop.

ITEM! To celebrate his 40th birthday, Murray Ewing (of, among other things, the excellent new Adventure Films Podcast) is giving away 40 booklets of a Poe-esque gothic melodrama poem called My Vampire BrideSee here if you want one. I've requested mine!

ITEM! Dani Abrams - who made me squeak like a little girl in the SPBM birthday ep - has done a new short Sunday Comic on her website  Check it out, its fab.

ITEM! Not really small press but very pretty, the BBC is publishing an original online comic to tie in with their series Luthor. It looks stunning! Produved by Momoco it's uncredited but I'm told the writer is one Neil Cross and the artist is a Nic Benns 

ITEM! Irish Comic News is a new website "It contains interviews, a forum, event guides, tutorials and all news related to the Irish Comic Scene." There are interviews with PJ Holden, Maura McHugh, Stephen Coffey and many others. Editor-in-chief of the site is megatalented artist Tommie Kelly who also has a podcast The Tommie & Liam Show

ITEM! Former Grendel artist and Hair Shirt creator Patrick McEown is guest writing a 3-part blog for the Self Made Hero website - here's Part One and Part Two and Part Three.

ITEM! Just in the nick of too late we're here to inform you that the online shop of N Gingerboom is closing down for two weeks from 22nd June - 5th July while she moves home. That give you plenty of time  to save up for her comic Those Of No Class #1 (£5) and her print pack (£4)

STOP PRESS: on Twitter today N announced:  I'm raising money to afford to print Those of No Class #2, and am offering commissions like this for £7 if interested.


ITEM! Faith Erin Hicks' brilliant Adventures Of Superhero Girl webcomic is updating on Tuesdays now.

ITEM! Friend of SPBM Matthew Craig informs us that Rob Croonenborghs has an awesome looking new book out this week: Jesus Hates Zombies

ITEM! Tim Pilcher is giving a talk on God Of Manga Osamu Tezuka as part of the Brighton Japan Festival this week. The talk takes place on Thursday the 22nd June (that's today kids!) Doors 7.30-11pm, Tickets £8 advance. Festival Hub, Bartholomew Square Tickets £8 from

ITEM! Lettering maestro and friend of indie creators Blambot has a new soon to be essential blog.

ITEM! Self Made Hero's Lovecraft Anthology v2 creator line-up has been announced - and an amazing line-up it is too! Jamie Delano, Pat Mills, Mike McMahon, Steve Pugh, Si Spurrier, Matt Timson, Ben Templesmith, Dwight L McPherson and more! An essential book somehow just became even more unmissable!

ITEM! Spiffing Artists have opened up shop!

ITEM! Attention! Artists wanted for upcoming Atomic Diner projects. Please send submissions to Atomic Diner, 2 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

ITEM! Attention again artists! The folks at the Dissecting Worlds podcast are running a  coat of arms design competition.

ITEM! Overload #0 is now available to buy online from Martin Conaghan's website.

ITEM! If you're not following Sara Dunkerton's art blog you really should - she's posted up a few amazing character sketches from our Stace's Fairytale Anthology, several beautiful pages from Bayou Arcana and today she's says she plans to post weekly teasers from the Dark Harvest - Legacy Of Frankenstein RPG intro comic she's working on with writer Iain Lowson. Its all brilliant work, take a looksee.


  1. ~ Omg!? WELL!? Did Phyllis find her cat!? Are you... just.. gunna... leave it like that...?! I don't even..

  2. Turns out Phyllis's cat was really Flipper The Monkey in disguise all along! Which explains why Marco had all those bananas even though he's allergic, but now that Selina knows that Andre knows that Phyllis doesn't know Flipper's secret what is Selina's next move? More crucial than that, will Bobby retrieve Alan's porn stash before Sheila finds it? What a cliffhanger!

  3. fuck me! I can't wait for the next episode!

  4. Do you want to rephrase that? X-D

    Oh well, it's beginning to catch on by now XD