Friday, 28 January 2011

Particle Fiction news!

Okay I'm going to continue plugging David Wynne's awesome Particle Fiction comic until a) it stops being so bloody awesome or b) everyone in the world catches on to how brilliant Ideasman is and Wynne totally sells it out to Disney for an obscenely huge wedge of cash  or c) he destroys the negatives of those compromising photos of me, the giant squid and the king-size Peach Melba. ....Actually, forget I mentioned that last one. Zzz-zzz-zzz!! Forget it, I said!

Anyhoo, things are looking even more awesome on the PF front as Wynne's announced that the next issue (PF12: Hypergirl! His first full-on superhero tale) will not only be bumper-sized 20-odds pages but it will also be IN COLOUR! Wynne posted a couple of sample pages on his Twitter (and if you're on Twitter you should be following him) and they are very very pretty - colouring courtesy of multi-talented Ian Sharman.

In other exciting news Wynne made this announcement on his tumblr:

"From April onwards, Particle Fiction is going to be changing format- issue 13 will be the first part of a continuing story, a six part Ideasman story co-written with the afore-mentioned Mr Papaconstantinou. I was originally planning on also having a 6 or 8 page Scorched Earth back up strip, but I’m losing enthusiasm for that idea, if I’m honest. I may still do it, I may not. We’ll see. I think I can safely predict that once that Ideasman story is finished, I’ll be continuing to focus solely on Ideasman stories in the pages of Particle Fiction.

Exciting indeed! I love Ideasman! Now if he could only sort that team-up issue with Paul Grist's Jack Staff

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