Wednesday, 5 January 2011

David Wynne rocks. That is all.

Happy New Year, Smallpressbigmouthians! We hope you had a lovely holiday and are feeling suitably bummed out now its all over, like what Lee is. Fortunately he had some awesome comics off Father Christmas not least a hat-trick of goodies by David Wynne: the Particle Fiction v1 paperback (containing Lee's official Favourite Comic Of 2010: Particle Fiction #2); the Damnation collected paperback and this frankly flipping fantastic sketch of Axel Pressbutton, Mysta Mystralis and Zirk (if you don't know who they are then shame on you!)

Axel Pressbutton, Mysta Mystralis & Zirk - fab sketch by @davidwynne

You too can own your very own Wynne sketch by visiting his shop HERE - only £5 for an A4 sketch! You'd be robbing the poor bastard! Get in there!

Oh and by the way, the latest issue of particle Fiction is now online and available to read free, gratis and for nothing HERE - check, as they say, it out.

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