Friday, 28 January 2011

RIP Jose Maria Jorge

As a long-time fan of the Commando war comics I was saddened today to read that his favourite Commando artist JM Jorge had passed away on the 4th October 2010. Jorge's detailed photo-realistic style was a huge inspiration to me, but it was many years before I learned his name as it was the policy of the publisher not to credit Commando's creative teams. 

Jorge first worked for Commando in 1969 and continued to work for them right up until his passing - totalling 42 years, 163 issues and well over 10,000 pages of beautiful artwork including many stunning fully-painted covers. His final completed issue was #4329 Divided Aces published in September 2010 and his first #384 Flying Fury has been reprinted as part of Commando's 50th anniversary celebrations and is in newsagents as I type this.

For better written tributes to this amazing artist please check out these links

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