Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Comics & Conflict Conference

Comics legend Pat Mills just posted about this on his twitter and its got Lee all a-flutter.  To be held at the Imperial War Museum on the 19th & 20th August 2011 The Comics & Conflict Conference aims to look at how war and conflict has been and is still depicted in comics. Speakers and guests include Pat Mills, who will be discussing at least in part his classic WWI strip Charley's War (the single finest comic ever produced in Lee's opinion); Garth Ennis (War Story, Battlefields, Troubled Souls); Jaques Tardi (It Was The War Of The Trenches); Martin barker and Roger Sabin (discussing Doonsbury) and Jean-Pierre Verney (Putain de Guerre)

The event is part of a larger literary festival which accompanies The War Museum's exhibition Once Upon A Wartime: Classic War Stories For Children. More details on the Comika Festival website.

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