Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Order Fall Of The Wolfmen from January Previews!

I'm a huge fan of Andy Bloor's artwork for Accent UK and on his blog today he posted that his mafia-lycanthrope book Fall Of The Wolfmen is listed in the January Previews (Item Code: JAN110891)

"Can't stress how important it is that if you don't have a copy (and want one) that you place an order with your local comic retailer. We need to get a good order to meet Diamond's order threshold and also to show them that there is an audience for our books not just in the UK but the USA too.

The future of further Wolfmen books is up in the air currently, but a good order with Diamond might help change that."

Written by Dave West Fall Of the Wolfmen is the follow-up to their earlier The Wolfmen which can also be ordered via Previews as a 2-book bundle (Item Code: JAN112052)

Small-time hood Jack Grey’s life-changing encounters with the notorious Wolfmen gang are collected in this special shrink-wrapped pack of both The Wolfmen and Fall of The Wolfmen. Gritty crime noir drama with a horror twist from the popular UK indie team of West and Bloor. This exclusive pack includes a special Fall of The Wolfmen collector’s cover.

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