Thursday, 6 January 2011

Bevis Musson's Dead Queen Detectives back in print

Hugely talented and too-damned-modest Bevis Musson announced today that he has reprinted his splendid comic The Dead Queen Detectives which Stace reviewed back in episode mumblymumble (note to self: sort that ruddy SPBM index out!)

On his LiveJournal he said: "I have reprinted copies of The Dead Queen Detectives so I am no longer sold out. If anyone would like one (or two, or three) then let me know. They're £2.00 each and if you're only wanting one or two then there wouldn't be any postage included (basically free postage up to the price of a regular First Class stamp)."

He is also accepting commissions and can be contacted via his Twitter, LiveJournal or e-mail for more details. You 'Musson' miss this opportunity! (yeah I went there) Now just check out his awesome style...

The Dead Queen Detectives


Poison Ivy - in colour!

a festive Batman & Poison

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