Friday, 19 November 2010

a wee Stargazer update

We plan to review new all-ages SF-fantasy adventure Stargazer in the next episode of SPBM, but that will probably be out too late for shops to pre-order it from Diamond (cos there's sure to be a mahoosive demand once its been mentioned on our show donchaknow) so anyone who likes the look of Stargazer - and it dies look lovely, check out these splendid character illios! - should let their local comic shop know asap. (ISBN of 978-0-9781237-2-7, Diamond Item Order code NOV101057and RRP of $14.95)

Stargazer creator Von Allan has also contacted us with the exciting news that...

"The Maverick Graphic Novels Committee is a group of Texas-based librarians that are proponents of graphic novels. Each year they put together a list of recommended titles and I'm very pleased to discover that Stargazer made the cut. There's actually a further round of voting still to come; the titles on that list are the "best of the best." While I'm obviously very hopeful that Stargazer will be on that list, too, being nominated at all is very, very neat."
Stargazer was also the cover feature of Comic Shop News #1221 and had an article inside! Excellent!

Stargazer Cover to Comic Shop News 1221

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