Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Stace's Bloggin' Of Sherwood & Alec Worley's Dr Dandridge

Welcome kiddies to some outrageous blog pimpage - do you like my feathered fedora and fur coat?

First up The Whittle has a new blog up at the SFX website. This time she takes a fond look back at a telly classic and a personal favourite of her's Robin Of Sherwood. Do the clicky thing HERE to be cast magic-like to the the blog.

Second up, we just want to give a big shout out to friend-of-SPBM Alec Worley or The Man Who Got Stace And Lee's Names In The Judge Dredd Megazine as we like to call him. Back in 2000AD prog 1631 Alec and artist Warren Pleece introduced (and killed off) dandy ghostbuster Dr Spartacus Dandridge in a one-off Past Imperfect tale called Antiquus Phantasma - however death is clearly no obstacle to the good doctor as he returns in a new ongoing strip Dandridge: Return Of The Chap that debuts in prog 1710 (in shops today kids!) - the spooky scientist can also be found ghost-writing (see what i did there?) Worley's blog HERE check it out.

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