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Paper Jam Comics Collective invade Thoughtbubble

Paper Jam Comics Collective’s Assault on Thought Bubble

Paper Jam Comics Collective is a group of Tyneside-based comics creators that meets every two weeks to talk about comics and collaborate on anthologies. The group will have a table at Thought Bubble where they'll be selling a new anthology, History...and that (1 to 4 page comic strips set throughout history; some factual, some fictitious) as well as a host of their other comics: Space Monkey (all-ages), Art...and that (art-themed) and Robots...and that (sci-fi).

Twitter: @PaperJamCC

Aside from the main Paper Jam table, members from the group will also have their own tables:

Andy Waugh and Gary Bainbridge

Having received great reviews for his autobiographical comics, Melanchomic and Coupledom, and having his illustrations published in Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic, Andy Waugh is expanding his line of work by venturing into short fictional stories. Aside from his work in the various Paper Jam anthologies, Show and Tell - launching at Thought Bubble - will be Andy's first foray into this new territory. ‘Madame Doreen, Medium’ is a supernatural story from the point of view of someone for whom the extraordinary is an everyday occurrence. Andy's second strip for Show and Tell is, rather tellingly, called ‘Big Things Hiding Behind Little Things’.

Twitter: @thismeanswaugh

Collaborating with Andy on Show and Tell (utilising theflip-book format that makes one comic into two!) is Gary Bainbridge. Gary's two strips are ‘Merry Fox’ and a further adventure from the world of Nightbus; his comic about the vigilante drivers of Northumbria University's nightbus. Gary is a fine-art and history-inspired comic creator whose previous work includes experimental books like Objet Perdu and the one-road travel guide Grainger Street. Gary's other new work launching at Thought Bubble is Sugar Glider; the tale of a fickle North East teenager whose latest ambition is to become a costume crime-fighter.

Twitter: @gb_comics


Daniel Clifford, Martin Newman and Paul Thompson

The co-host of the North East Geek Feast podcast, Daniel Clifford, will be launching three new comics at Thought Bubble. One of these is Sugar Glider, which he wrote and co-created with Gary Bainbridge. Daniel's other works are the all-ages comics, A4 Comics Presents... and Lily and Danel: Adventurers. A4 Comics Presents... is an anthology and a flip-book (Paper Jam seems to be trying to bring back this format) where one side is a full length story called ‘Barry Boyd: Badger Boy‘ about a boy who can...erm...turn into a giant badger with the other side of the comic being an anthology featuring fun adventure strips from 1 page to 5 pages in length. Lily and Danel is drawn by Lily - the other North East Geek Feast host - and recasts the two creators as toddlers who go on incredible adventures.

Twitter: @comicsdaniel


Martin Newman is a cartoonist whose ability to create hilarious and well-structured comics within 24 minute and 24 hour timeframes is as amazing as it is infuriating (to his fellow Paper Jammers). Martin will be launching Food for the Dead; the results of Project Z - an epic

collaboration between 14 creators, in which 4 creative teams told the stories of 4 survivors of a Newcastle-based zombie uprising before Martin and his own team completed the story. Featuring zombies, museums, the Tyne and Wear Metro system and St James Park, this is one gigantic zombie comic that is still relevant! Martin will also have his 24hr comics on hand and a book by his 9yr old daughter, Sophie.

Twitter: @mncuttlefish


Paul Thompson's work can be found in A4 Comics Presents..., Food for the Dead and all of the latest Paper Jam anthologies (most of which he has been involved in organising and designing). However, Paul's urge to help out with other people's comics has often meant putting his own work on the shelf to finish at a later date. But this year's Thought Bubble will finally see his second issue of Tales of the Hollow Earth come out, as well as selected works from his many 24hr Comic Challenge attempts.

Twitter: @paulxthompson


Jack Fallows

At only 22-years-old it's amazing that Jack Fallows is a 10-year veteran of the small press comics scene (it’s also bizarre just how cynical this guy is!). Jack's work includes the humorous folksong comic, The Gentleman Ghost (not to be confused with DC's Gentleman Ghost), experimental pieces like Costume Party and a supernatural love story done in 24 hours, John Henry Split My Heart. But Jack's most expansive work so far is The Big Bang - issue 1 of this character study set during a bizarre disaster somewhere in America was released at last year's Thought Bubble and issue 2 has just been finished in time for this year's convention.


Terry Wiley

North East comics legend and Rich Johnson's favourite comic creator, Terry Wiley will be launching the second issue of Verity Fayre. Terry's Verity Fayre is a beautifully-drawn story of Verity Bournville a chip shop worker and struggling actress who has to contend with her acting agency burning to the ground and haunting nightmares. Terry is a class act himself but, as an added bonus, he's going to be joined on his table by non-Paper Jammers and Factor Fiction lovelies, Selina Lock and Jay Eales.


Ben Clark

Although he hasn't been to a Paper Jam meeting in over a year due to various factors (having a baby is one!) Ben will always be a Paper Jammer! Best known for his work on Solar Wind and his Mike Neville comics (Mike Neville is a local TV news presenter) Ben Clark joins Terry Wiley in the Small Press Comics Legends boardroom. At BICS, Ben was hit by printing/delivery issues so Thought Bubble will see the launch of a new 24hr comic and hopefully the first collection of his Spinechillers webcomic (starring Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft and Ambrose Bierce living together in a boarding house).


Plus, other assorted Paper Jam members will have one or two comics of their own on the main Paper Jam stall.

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