Saturday, 13 November 2010

Episode 26 is online!

Heyyyyyyyy! Welcome to a packed-to-bursting-point Small Press Big Mouth episode 26 where Stace & Lee present a big update on what’s happening with the creators and projects left stranded or homeless by the folding of Insomnia Publications. Which projects have found new homes and what are the creators doing now? Find out in new feature HYPERSOMNIA CORNER. We also have the usual news and recommendations as well as squeeze in reviews of Jennie Gyllblad’s SKAL and Emily Carroll’s HIS FACE ALL RED. Enjoy and, hey kids, be cool!

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David Wynn

(all the Hypersonia Corner links & info will be posted in a separate blog later tonight or tomorrow)

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  1. Thanks for the shameless plug for the Wildcat's Lair, guys. And I'm no relation to Judy Blume (shame on you, Lee, for not knowing about Judy! haha), but ironically, I have a cousin whose name was Judy Blume until she got married. ;0)

    Thanks again!