Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bargain alert: David Wynne sketchcards for £1.50!

Fab cartoonist and Particle Fiction creator David Wynne is doing postcard-sized sketch commissions for £1.50! Including postage! That's practically giving them away for flips sake! I recommend everyone take advantage immediately - they would make awesome xmas cards for any geeky friends/relatives you might have*

Says Wynne: "Due to financial difficulties I need to make some money pretty fast, so for a short time only I'm offering postcard sized (A6) sketches for just £1.50 including postage! I'll draw ANYTHING- and I should maybe mention that I'm pretty good at likenesses- so let me know what you'd like in the paypal instructions (if you leave that section blank I'll draw whatever i fancy at that particular moment- probably Ideasman, Batman, Blake, or Judge Dredd). Remember, i won't be doing this for long, so please, get one well the getting's good!"

*that's a hint to any of my friends & family who might be reading this

NOTE: David's £1.50 sketchcard offer has now closed. He is however available for his regular commissions - an A4 sketch of your choice for £5 - that's a mere 5 of your Earth pounds!

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