Monday, 15 November 2010

Brand new Matthew Craig update!

Hey kids, this weekend Hondle, Trouble Bruin and Trixie Biker creator Matthew Craig dropped us an email to let us know what he's been up to, how he got on at BICS, what he's working on and what he'll be bringing along to Thought Bubble next weekend.

Take it away, Mr C...


Hiya! So yeah, BICS was, uh, different. Me and Donato were right on the edge of the film set and I got to be in the film, though, kind of, so that's something.

The big news is that I've completely banjaxed my drawing hand. I did so much so fast in the month leading up to BICS that I've wrecked my right hand to the point of maybe needing surgery.

Fortunately, it appears that I can also draw with my left hand. So I'm doing a little left-handed Trixie Biker story. God help me.

I'm thirty-five! Who discovers skills like this at thirty-five?

However, I'm in danger of hurting this hand as well - its not used to the work - so I'm making this first left-handed comic my last.

It's all very sad. I've got a ton of ideas that I've been bursting to get down on paper, such as the girls' sports comic I've been trying to do for ages. Plus all the stories I can't hand off to anyone else (it'll be ten years since the first Hondle story next year, and I was hoping to try something new, maybe even a new format, for that anniversary). But who knows? Maybe it'll finally motivate me to get off my arse and write some stories I can sell (although to whom, I'm not sure). I've got a couple of anthology stories in the pipeline, touch wood, so there's a start.

But by this time next week, I should have four new comics for my white rose chums.

TRYHARD & TEARAWAY - the Welsh schoolboy superhero comic I debuted earlier this year. I've added an extra page of awesomeness and revised the dialogue to round out the story a little. I want to do more with these characters next year, although where...who knows?

TRIXIE BIKER VS. THE TIME-WASTREL - the comic that crippled my hand! The pixie-powered petrolhead juggles affairs of the heart with clockwork catastrophe as a middle-aged scientist turns back the clock for the woman he lost... 48 pages: my longest story to date.

BOSTIN HEROES #3: BLACK CATS AND BOSTINMOBILES - The Yam Yam supergang follow the trail left by Godvilla to the streets of Aston, where they fall afur of a mess of mutated moggies, in a situation that might just break the heart of one of our cast... And in our second story, tea turns to torment as another of our Heroes returns to Wolverhampton for a fraternal flaying only slightly marred by an outbreak of armed robbery.

TRIXIE BIKER: RIGHT HAND DOWN - A lazy lunch-hour turns somewhat sinister as the pixie-powered petrolhead confronts her original foe: the perfidious paper scientist Dr. Kropotkin! From The Left Hand Of Craigy!

And of course, I'll have my full range of HONDLE comics, and all the usual posters, stickers and one-shots, including LE MOT FAUX, the sci-fi horror that debuted (and sold out!) at last year's ThoBubs. So I'm not licked yet! I'll also be at the Light House, Wolverhampton on December 11th for the Festive Flair craft market, in case anybody's in the neighbourhood.


Thanks for that update, Matthew! Gah, hope the hand gets better soon! By the way - bonus points for excellent use of the word "banjaxed"!

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