Sunday, 20 March 2011

Slaughterman's Creed's Amazon problem

If you've pre-ordered or you're planning to order the brilliant Slaughterman's Creed from you should be aware that Amazon have cocked-up their ASIN listing for it, which will probably result in you getting the wrong book - here's Nic Wilkinson with more info:

The details for this book are incorrect (due to the ASIN - the warehouse number assigned to products by amazon -apparently having been also assigned a book of flute music).

This means that the title and price are incorrect, as are the "new or used" options from the marketplace, which take you to details for the flute music book. 

I am one of the creative team on this book and I have tried unsuccessfully for over 2 months to try and get this changed, as has the publisher, but Amazon repeatedly claim they cannot/will not change it.

The publisher has contacted amazon directly only to be told that no one can correct this error by the customer service team.

This is appalling service, to the publishers of both books, and to customers, who cannot search for/order either book correctly.

Anyone wanting this title I can only suggest ordering direct from the publisher at or from Waterstones or WHSMiths where the book is correctly listed and the right item will be shipped.

Emails to Amazon customer services or comments on the forum would be very much appreciated.

UPDATE: The problems with Amazon are now sorted - feel free to order SCreed from them with peace of mind.

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