Tuesday, 1 March 2011

News Bites 4 U!

Bugger me, its the neeewwwws!


ITEM! Fallen Heroes #1 sells out at Cardiff Comics Expo!

ITEM! Daniel Clifford reveals creators for Sugar Glider Stories! Suckers Recruits Grice into drawing 2 pages!

ITEM! Ex-Tharg Steve MacManus retires - add a message to his leaving card!

ITEM! Grice cameos in Skal again! Follow Jennie Gyllblad on Twitter for your chance to appear as an extra in the comic.

ITEM! Leigh Gallagher and Garen Ewing get stamped!

ITEM! Legendary British artist John Ridgway interviewed by The Comics Journal! Part 1 & Part 2

ITEM! Glasgow Comic Con announced for June! Click pic on left for info.

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