Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Japan Earthquake Fundraisers

In response to the horrific and devastation earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan there have been several fundraising projects announced by the indie & small press community over the last week. Here are some that I've heard about. If you know of any more charity comics or fundraisers we can add to the list please drop us a line.

"To help Japan, the comic anthology by Aardman Artists will be available with a limited bookplate in the front. There are only a small number of these available and they are at a suggested donation price. All proceeds will go to the relief effort. ~ 15 people who donate $33 or more to Help Japan here: get the Limited Edition book & Print" "

ITEM! Comic Book Alliance Charity Comic

"I’m sure, like me, you’ve been horrified at the devastating effects of the two enormous earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. In order to do some good and help the thousands that have lost friends, family, their homes and entire communities, the Comic Book Alliance is putting together a fundraising comic.

We are looking for creators to provide some work free of charge so that we can put together an impressive package that will hopefully sell thousands and to raise as much money as possible to help these countries get back on their feet and to rebuild their lives." 
Full details available on the Geek Syndicate website

"Dear webcomic creators, this Friday, March 15th 2011, we’re urging you to mention the following links either in your comic or on your comic’s blog. Whether you have 10 readers or 10,000 readers, we as webcomic creators are fortunate to have an audience that we can encourage to help donate in ways that will directly aid the people of Japan.

If you can’t make the deadline this week, we’re planning on doing a collected post of comics on every Friday. Please help!"

ITEM! Darwin original art auction for the Japanese red Cross society. A haunting and beautiful page of Simon Gurr's artwork from Darwin: A Graphic Biography. Bidding closes on Sunday. 

ITEM! Fairy Tales For Japan charity comic by Matthew Funk is calling out for artists and writers

"I'd like to put a book together of original fairy tales and fables illustrated by various artists. I'd have them printed and sold, and donate any profits to the Red Cross for the Japan relief effort. The stories vary anywhere from 250-1000 words in length and each artist would be responsible for full page illustrations for their story and formatting the text over the page. If you're a writer/artist, then you're welcome to spin your own tale and illustrate it as well.

Additional Links

Google's resourses page 

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