Tuesday, 8 March 2011

News Bites 5 is alive!

Fancy a quick nibble of news?

ITEM! Comics legend Pat Mills has been made an honorary professor by Liverpool University in recognition of his work in British comics. On top of that DC Comics is to reprint Marshall Law, Flesh returns to 2000AD, Forbidden Planet posted a two part interview with him and it was his birthday yesterday!

ITEM!  Today is David Wynne's birthday - he is a hundred and five years old!* Particle Fiction issue 12 is out now (no don't worry you haven't missed #11) written by Geek Syndicate's own David Montieth.

*age accurate to with margin of 70 years

ITEM! Daniel Clifford reveals Gary Bainbridge's fab cover of Sugar Glider Stories #1 - which features art by Martin Eden (Spandex), Matthew Craig (Hondle), Graham Pearce (Sgt Mike Battle), Andrew Waugh (Hermit) and Lee among others.

ITEM! Bevis Musson continues to do amazing commissions to raise money for Red Nose Day. Check them out.

ITEM! An ace wee comic to set you off for the day - Marge Gunderson takes on twat de jour Charlie Sheen at Hark! A Vagrant!

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