Monday, 7 March 2011

The Monster Diaries - a review by Alice aged 10

I Like the Monster Diaries because it humourus fun and some of the entrys are a play on words. Also it starts off a horrid story then go's into a humourus story. There's a charachters like Ghosts, Cry Baby, The Werewolfs, Frankenstein and Mummy! Mummy has to be my favourite because his entry has some information in a twist about the old times. Although I must remember NOT to invite Cry Baby - he never stops crying and so we never get to hear what the others are saying. But the best bit is Mummy saying "Ring Daddy"!

But I love The Crazy Scientist, it inspires me what do do when I'm older. But I wonder and wonder what a Quantum Pysics Exam is but nobody can answer my question - can you?

This book is beauifully illustrated by Poly Bernatene and written by Luciano Saracino. The artwork is exquisite, you can see how much time Poly has put into it! The story is all about how children are having less nightmares and all the people who want to enter have to write a diary entry. The head of nightmares asks for people to scare the children so they have more nightmares, but they all fail!

The Monster Diaries is; exallent, humerus, cool, funny and has play on words!

The Cry Baby
The Crazy Scientist

The Monster Diaries is published by Meadowside Childrens Books and has a new paperback edition due out in September


  1. Wow sounds really good, great review.

  2. Hi alice i want to read it after reading your review .. getting just like your mam ...